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Randy worked the Hudd for about thirty minutes but it seems the only thing interested in the bait was more trout. Reverting back to jigs he moved down the edge to fish deeper and nailed two nice largemouth in over 70 feet of water. While fishing he explained to Zander his philosophy on crankbaits.

Randy borrows a swimbait rod and a Hudd

Fishing on his home water of Lake Isabella Randy learned to work crankbaits of all sizes in and around structure. His go to crankbaits are Normans and he isn’t shy about tossing them in just about any conditions. Even if there isn’t a good crank bait bite on during a tournaments he likes to start out with them because they are able to tell him just what the situation is.

Randy is best known for his proficiency with crankbaits

Randy pulled out his new preferred rod, a Dobyns rod bearing his name. This rod is the “McAbee Cranking Special” and is a complete graphite rod designed for fishing everything from medium sized cranks to DD22 deep divers. “Do you like fiberglass rods?” Zander asked. “I prefer graphite, in tournament situations the sensitivity makes a difference that’s why I worked with Gary to design this all graphite rod,” Randy replied.

Randy demonstrates deep cranking  with his signature Dobyns rod

Randy went on to explain “I made sure to give it a nice parabolic action so it does transition nicely with a wide range of crankbaits tied on, and it has plenty of muscle with the right amount of flex to keep big fish pinned onto your crank.”

demonstrating why he loves crankbaits so much Randy lands a largemouth

Randy then knelt down to the edge of his boat and stuck the entire rod in the water. “I also moved the reel forward to give anglers a little more leverage for deep cranking like this, by putting the rod down into the water anglers are able to gain another two feet in cranking depth without have to …..” WHAM, Randy was interrupted by a strike! “That classic!” Zander yelled as he started sapping pictures. Randy turned to Zander and exclaimed “Crankbaits!” and proceeded to wind in a healthy 3lb largemouth.

Randy lands the fish with his new signature rod

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