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Top Pros Come out for Pardee -  2nd Annual Media Day (continued)

It was all business at that point, while fish were being caught there was no sign of the mammoth smallmouth that we had the pleasure of catching last year. Randy and Zander decided to head up the Mokelumne river and try and pick some smallmouth bass off the rocky drop offs. Randy powered up the river and kept looking down at his finder.

Byron gets on a fish and runs to the back of the boat to keep up with it...

The deeper he went the more he frowned and as he entered the 5mp zone he swung the boat full circle. “Not even worth it,” he exclaimed “the water dropped over 2 degrees just around this point, let’s work the cut instead.”

...and back to the front

Outside in the cut Randy started with a Skinny Bear 1oz. jig with a Berkley Chigger Craw trailer and went straight to the bottom. Zander tied on a Megabass Deep X200T and went to town cranking the clear water. Pardee is so clear that you could see all the way to the bottom even in 30 feet of water.

Byron bends down to lip the fish...

It is an eerie sight when you cast over 50 feet out and can see your lure wobbling all the way back to the boat. It is even more uncanny when you can see a fish chase the lure all the way back to the boat, which is exactly what happened. The only problem was that Zander couldn’t keep the trout off the lure, and they seemed mesmerized by the bait.

...and brings up a nice largemouth

Randy and Zander had a double hookup, double trout that is. Randy kept stinging trout on his 1oz. jig while Zander couldn’t keep them off the DeepX. If this was a trout derby they would have been in great shape, as the next 30 minutes in the deep cut was an absolute troutfest!

Randy McAbee and Zander get into the trout, it didn't matter if it was jigs or cranks, it was a bona-fide troutfest

From the distance Randy saw pro angler Bub Tosh powering towards the cut and waved him in. Knowing Bub Tosh would have swimbaits on board Randy yelled “can I borrow a Hudd and a swimbait stick?” Bub parallel parked and dug into his locker for an extra stick and handed it to Randy. “We’ve been killing the trout at this spot, I want to run a Hudd through there,” Randy explained.

Randy waves pro angler Bub Tosh and Tony Stoltz of Westerbass over

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