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TackleTour in the JDM - Lake Biwa, Japan (continued)

Aaron Martens : I'm going to start with lipless crankbait setup. I like the Vibration X Ultra and Smatra because I can fish them on the edges of the grass or pull them right through. I'm throwing this bait on the F4.5-70XX Flat Side Special. I love this stick because it's so versatile for moving baits like the Vision 110 and 110 Magnum. I can even throw medium running cranks on it like the Cyclone MRX and DeepX 200. I'm matching this rod with the Shimano Metanium HG. That's a 7.4:1 retrieve ratio reel and I'm putting 12lb Sunline Sniper fluorocarbon on it.


2013 BASS Angler of the Year Aaron Martens.

For my second setup, I'd go with the F7-72XX Perfect Pitch. This is another versatile rod that I can throw anything from a soft jerkbait on to a jig. I'm using the same reel on this rod, the Metanium HG and probably 14 pound Sniper. If the water has warmed up a little bit, I'll move to Shooter.


Sticking with the program for a little bit is ok.

Of course I have to have a spinning rod. Everyone thinks all I do is fish finesse because I made finesse fishing so popular in the States, but really I do it all. Nevertheless, if I'm fishing Biwa in a tournament and am limited to five setups, I'm definitely going to have a spinning rod. I really, and I mean really like the F3-611XX Drop Shot rod. I don't have to spend any time shaving down the foregrip on this rod because it's shaped just the way I like it. I can't say enough about the handle on this rod.


But soon, Martens was breaking things down himself and looking for some indication of where else the fish might be.

I'm matching it with a Shimano Stella 2500 spooled with 7 pound Sunline Sniper. I'm going to fish either a shakey head, drop shot, or even an unweighted Roboworm finesse worm with this setup. It's all about finesse here even though I do more than just fish finesse.


Martens really does fish more than just finesse.

For my fourth setup, I'm going to bring a swimbait rod. I'm a little old school when it comes to Megabass swimbait rods. I use the F7-76RDti White Python. This rod is great for baits up to about four or five ounces - basically any of the jointed baits and smaller soft plastics. Don't tell anyone but sometimes I'll even throw crankbaits on the White Python. For swimbaits, I'm matching this with an old Shimano Speedmaster and I put 20 pound Sunline Shooter on it for sensitivity and durability.


In fact, right now, his favorite stick is the F4.5-70XX Flat Side Special matched with a Shimano Metanium HG.

That leaves one more. Five setups, you're making this tough on me. What am I missing? You know, I'd probably bring another Flat Side special. Can I do that? If so, that's definitely what I'd do because that rod is so versatile. It's probably my favorite rod right now - the F4.5-70XX. Yeah, matched with another Metanium HG, that's my fifth.

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