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TackleTour in the JDM - Lake Biwa, Japan (continued)

Edwin Evers : I'm going to assume we're talking about spring time here since most tournaments are this time of year. Number one without a doubt would be the Vibration X in both half ounce and three quarter ounce. I like these in craw and bluegill patterns for the early spring. I'd throw this bait on 17 pound fluorocarbon line, a seven and a half foot rod with a 7:1 gear ratio reel. This is something I can really cover a lot of water with. It's super clear, so I'm going to be reeling it really fast to get that reaction strike.


Evers' first choice in a bait to throw if he were fishing a tournament here on Biwa? The Vibration X lipless crank.

I really like fluorocarbon just because of the less stretch. I'm not a braid fan. I feel like I lose too many fish, maybe I pull them too hard. With monofilament, I feel like there's way too much stretch. I adjust the depth I'm fishing with size of fluorocarbon as it's coming through the water. If I want it to be a little higher, I'm going with 20 pound and if I want it deeper, I'll go with 14. I've found for me it just works the best.


Evers chatting with Japanese pro, Masaki Shimono who fished the BASS circuit in the 1990s and the FLW circuit from 2002 - 2005. His top finish was 20th place during 1995 at the BASS Georgia Invitational on Lake Lanier.

My second choice would be a Deep Six. If the water is really cold and they're not up in that grass, I better have something to get on the outside edges of the grass here on Biwa. You know, something that will dive to that 14 - 18 foot depth and the outside grass lines. Again something I can cover a lot of water with. I'd have that tied to ten to fourteen pound test depending on what depth I needed to hit and of course fluorocarbon line.


Evers signing jerseys at the Megabass Japan premiere event for Orochi XX.

For my rod, I'd use my BPS seven and a half foot medium heavy cranking stick. It's a composite stick that let's the fish load up and doesn't pull the bait away from the fish. I match that with BPS Pro Qualifier reel in 7.1:1, and choose patterns to match the baitfish colors here like the Wagin' Ayu or something along those lines.


The mornings were cold on Biwa.

For my third setup, you know, I'm going to bring me a whole pile of those Spark Shads. One way or another, I'm going to get them on this bait in clear water, I think a swimbait would be real good. I might throw the big one with a belly hook up shallow over the grass if the big females are up cruising. Otherwise, I'd throw it with a half ounce head out deep. That could be a really phenomenal bait on a seven and a half foot medium heavy with 14 - 20 pound test fluorocarbon. I'd probably drop this down to a BPS Pro Qualifer reel in 4.7:1 or 5.2:1 - something I could really slow down with and get the bait down deep.


Evers in action tossing one out to crank up!

Fourth, for cold water, I better have a Flap Slap tied on. It has a really tight wiggle and is great for cold water. I'd have this on a seven foot medium powered rod and 10 - 12pound test fluorocarbon. I'd choose my gear ratio depending on the water temperature. If it's really cold, you know, below 50, I'd have that on a slower gear ratio reel like the BPS Pro Qualifier 5.2:1. If it's 50 and up, then I'd have a faster retrieve ratio reel.


Edwin Evers looks forward to his next opportunity to fish Lake Biwa.

That leaves one more. What would I choose for my last setup. Oh! I can't believe I forgot! A jerkbait! Yes, let's talk about jerkbaits! I'm going to have a Vision 110 setup. I'm throwing that on a seven foot medium action rod, a 7.1:1 gear ratio reel, and ten pound fluorocarbon line. The 110 is a bait I can use to really cover a lot of water.

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