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Enthusiast Review

Exotic Practicality? The Reality That Defines an Oxymoron, Major Craft's Day's Season DC-644M (continued)

Sensitivity: The first reaction most will have when hearing of this rod's 4-piece design is that it must be terrible in the sensitivity department. This is simply not true. The new, friction-type joints used on the majority of multi-piece rods these days overcome many of the sensitivity issues experienced in the metal ferrule or even loose fitting graphite joints of yesterday. While I still prefer one-piece rods for peace of mind, this 4-piece stick really held its own out on the water and felt great while fishing both horizontal and vertical bait presentations.

This rod comes with titanium coated stainless steel SiC guides

A closeup of the wrap detail reveals very subtle detailing


Power: If fished in context of its medium power rating and not that of its implied medium-heavy lure rating, the DC-644M does not disappoint. Its slow taper lines up better with horizontal presentation baits than that of vertical, slow presentations like when fishing plastics and jigs. In fact, I liked this rod so much with one particular bait, the Lucky Craft Bevy Shad 75sp, that this may very well become my dedicated stick for this bait. You know you're flirting with too much gear when you start contemplating not just technique specific rods, but actual, bait specific combinations!

Typical of most JDM rods, the DC-644M comes with the branded butt cap

Considering its price point, the detailing of this rod is quite impressive

Note the silver winding check between the reel seat and rear grip - an unecessary, but very refined detail

Features: Though presented at a rather affordable price point when compared to other JDM rods, the DC-644M sports plenty of features to make it a worthy import rod acquisition. It features a split rear grip design, exposed blank reel seat, fixed counterweight system, stainless steel, ti coated, SiC guides, and a reel seat lockring/foregrip combination that gives the rod a very nice, finished look. Even the top of the reel seat (a portion of the rod you would never see if you did not remove the foregrip) is capped with a winding check to finish off the very clean lines and detailing of this rod.

Now you see a foregrip...

Now you don't...

The DC-644M's foregrip is actually part of the reel seat's lockring and floats somewhat independent of the rod blank

Application: As mentioned earlier, I'd recommend this rod for moving bait applications such as small to medium sized cranks, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits. It has enough power to move fish away from cover though, as with any medium powered rod, you will be in for a good battle if you hook into anything significant. The largest fish I battled with this rod was a four pound largemouth and it was handled rather easily in the weed laden waters of the California Delta.

Yet back on the rod, the foregrip is quite at home

Nice clean detailing at the rod's label

Don't let the lure weight specification fool you, this is a medium action rod all the way, hence the "M" at the end of the rod's model number


Warranty: While this factor, with JDM rods, is somewhat dependent on the vendor through which you purchase the rod, one should assume that these sticks are really purchased with no effective warranty. Some shops will handle this detail for you, so, if it is important, be sure to ask before you buy, but if you purchase this or any other similar rod for use outside of its country of intended distribution, the manufacturer will more than likely not respond to any potential warranty claims. Such are the hazards of purchasing exotics.



Major Craft Sa Ku Ra DC-644M Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality From its more than sturdy case to the rod itself, this stick is as solid as they come 9.5
Performance A medium powered, moderate action rod, that's an absolute joy to fish. 9
Price For once a JDM rod that is affordable to buy and ship to your destination! 9
Features Detailing that is worthy of its JDM roots 9
Design (Ergonomics) Other than the lack of a hook keeper, no real complaints here. The balance of this rod is outstanding 9
Application Not exactly a versatile, all around stick, but very good if you're looking for a portable rod to handle moving baits 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Excellent Value L Over-rated lure specification
J Unprecendented Portability L We want more rods in this lineup!
J Quality Components  
J Very Good Sensitivity  

See that mess behind me? This chunky bass tried to head straight for that cover, but the DC-644M would have none of that!


Conclusion: There's been a lot of recent inquiries on our message board regarding multi-piece sticks that are suitable for travel. The Major Craft Day's Season Sa Ku Ra line currently only consists of one casting and one spinning rod, but if the actions described here-in suit your needs, you need to jump on this stick or its spinning rod counterpart (light action stick). The hard case it comes with is phenomenal and the rod itself is a wonderful example of exotic practicality. Maybe you don't travel much but like to shore fish? Maybe you just want the insurance of an extra stick on your boat? Store it just about anyway or anywhere, and take it with you wherever you might travel, this stick delivers fish catching fun wherever you might find yourself. Just one thing - don't forget to pack a reel too! One thing is for certain, for all its upside, yet its relative affordability, the DC-644M is an excellent value and worthy of our Best Value award!


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