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Enthusiast Review

Megabass Turns Their Sights on Trout With Their Very Elegant Pagani Line (continued)

Power Cont'd: The bottom of the tree was at the level of my feet but across a gap of water, so I certainly could not crawl under. The top was at my chest and I really couldn't reach it anyway because of the water between myself and the tree. In the meantime, I'm raising my rod over my head so my line can stretch over the tree as I battle this hard fighting trout with 3lb test line! Both JIP and Zander were too far away to swing back around and lend me a hand, so left to no other devices, I ended up winding down as far as I could without hitting the tree, lifting up with my ultra-light stick, and swinging my catch over the tree! I thought for sure something was going to break, but both the line and rod performed flawlessly and I was able to catch the line right above a nice, eight inch brown trout before the fish hit anything. Of course, after unhooking my catch and before I could pull out my camera, the fish flopped out of my hand and back into the pool of water!


Another look at the PTL-63UL's attractive reel seat

The reel seat's lockrings push up against a floating cork spacer which in turn pushes a sliding metal sleeve over the reel's foot


Features: Along with the afore mentioned rod sleeve and reel seat, the PTL-63UL makes use of Fuji titanium, framed SiC insert guides, high grade cork handles and the prototypical metal winding checks and caps to finish off each end of the handle assembly. The rod itself has a very interesting, animal print finish and is simply a joy to hold and fish.

The PTL-63UL features Fuji Ti/SiC guides

That is not to say we are without our disappointments. On Megabass Japan's website, they offer some detail shots of what must have been the prototype for this stick before it hit production. A recent, disturbing practice with Megabass Japan has been to release early details of rods that include specifications and detailed photographs only to change the design during production. We ran into this dilemma on one recent order where the production rod was missing key detail elements that made it so desirable to have in the first place. On another order, the entire length and action of a rod was changed!

A pet peeve with many Megabass customers is the increasing occurrence of changes between prototype (inset) and actual production model rods - details that could be easily overlooked if not promised on the company's website and product catalogs

Enter the Pagani PTL-63UL. Pictures on Megabass Japan's website of the prototype for this rod show a very provocative guide design. It is a very elegant, single armed guide reminiscent of the long sinuous necks of some of Hollywood's famed Golden Era actresses. These are the types of styling cues I look for from Megabass and what makes owning these rods such an experience. Well, in the production model of this rod these guides were eliminated. Instead, the first two guides are the typical Fuji spinning guides. Performance wise, there is no difference, and in fact, the standard guides are probably more stable which might be the reason behind the change, but it is a disappointing result nonetheless.

The PTL-63UL features this rather distinctive metal cap at the top of the handle assembly


Application: Remember Zander's recent review of the Shimano Sustain? In that article, he explained how he accidentally slipped while crossing a stream, dropping his combo and sending his new reel crashing against a rock. I was actually within reaching distance of Zander when this occurred and my first instinct was to extend my Pagani stick so he could grab a hold of it for an assist in pulling him out of the water. But just as quickly as the thought entered my mind, it left in deference to preserving my stick and not tempt fate by exposing it to the same potential tragedy as Zander's Sustain reel. Nice teammate, aren't I?

A close-up of the PTL-63UL's unique finish

The PTL-63UL is designed specifically to target trout and thanks to its rather moderate action, is not suited for much else

All kidding aside, given the extreme moderate action of this rod, the only application I really see it fitting is in the pursuit of small trout or panfish. Ultra-light sticks with a faster taper are much more universal in their application, but it is obvious, this rod was designed specifically to target trout, and pretty much trout only. If you're looking for a versatile ultra-light stick, this is probably not the rod for you.



Megabass Pagani PTL-63UL Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A beautifully crafted and well made rod 9
Performance If moving baits in pursuit of trout are your game, this rod really performs well 9
Price This is one premium trout stick 6
Features When it comes down to it, other than the reel seat, nothing all that special in terms of features 7
Design (Ergonomics) A beautifully designed reel seat 9
Application Best used in pursuit of trout with light weight spoons and spinners 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Elegantly Crafted L A bit too moderate in action for me
J If spoons and spinners are your game... L The change in guides from the promised prototype is a sore point
J Surprisingly sensitive given it's moderate action  L Rather limited in application
J Killer reel seat  

Beautiful scenery, wonderfully colorful fish, and exotic tackle, it doesn't get much better than this


Conclusion: By the end of our time in the high country, I was contemplating using the PTL-63UL as a walking stick. Were it a stouter rod, I may have actually done it. Hobbled by a bad knee and ankle, and the last to arrive back at the car, I was never happier to see Zander's Titan than after that journey. Back at the car, as I broke down my rig and slid the Pagani back into its plaid cloth sheath, I reflected on the day and how well the rod held up. Despite its stellar performance, I found myself wishing it had a faster taper so I wouldn't be limited to using it under these conditions. What a weapon a fast or extra-fast version of this rod would be! Then again, that's why Megabass produces its Destroyer line. As it stands, for those content with a trout specific stick to handle small spoons and inline spinners, the Megabass Pagani PTL-63UL could be just the stick for you.












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