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Lure Review

Megabass's DeepX 200T Proves Appearances Can Be Deceiving (continued)

Durability: The DeepX 200T is made very well and I experienced no premature wear of the finish on any of my baits. Nor did I experience any cracked bodies or broken diving bills through almost a year of heavy use. All my baits held up surprisingly well right down the relatively thin gauged, stock hooks.


A closeup of the side and belly detail

As mentioned earlier, I threw the DeepX 200T in rocky and weedy conditions with great success. Whether along the rip rap shores of the California Delta or along the dykes that border and define many of our clear water reservoirs here in Northern California, this bait excelled at triggering strikes in these environments. It also performed well retrieved and ripped through scattered weedbeds.


After several month's of use, the PM Ayu color shows a small amount of wear

Effectiveness: In our review of the F4-610GT3 Shiryu back in May of 2006, I shared a story that took place at O'Neill Forebay in Northern California while fishing with JIP and Zander. It was a time where the bite slowed and I decided to tie on a crankbait to fish over a shallow hump that was strewn with scattered weeds. I was testing both the sensitivity of the Shiryu cranking stick and when I hooked into an unexpected 3lb largemouth bass. I never mentioned which crank was using that day until now, and it was, of course, the DeepX 200T. Both JIP and Zander thought I was nuts for tying on a crank in that situation since we were targeting striper, but I had the last laugh with the surprise catch of the day.

This scuff mark is courtesy of the bait's hooks

Zander's Take: Crankbaits are one of my favorite baits, as they are deadly in so many situations. The various pattern and lip designs found on crankbaits allow anglers the ability to tailor their choices depending on a number of factors including the hatch, water clarity, and targeted strike depth. Before Cal introduced me to the Deep X my go to crankbaits were both aggressively priced Normans DLN and MLN lures as well as the Lucky Craft Fat CB and Bevy Shad. I was hesitant to purchase a Megabass Deep X, after all they aren't cheap, and my other crankbaits had served me well all these seasons. After months of hesitation Cal simply couldn't wait anymore and handed me a brand new lure..."you gotta try this," he said. I looked over the Deep X and responded "I dunno, it doesn't look like much." In fact I thought it looked very similar to the Bevy Shad's that I normally fish, only with a little less flair.

Another small scuff on our PM Ayu DeepX 200T

To Cal's dismay it would be another 5 months before I actually tied the Deep X on. On this day we had a decent day on Berryessa lake, mostly filled with spots around 2 to 3lbs in size, and a few smallmouth. The largemouth had eluded us and to mix it up I finally tied the Deep X Ayu onto the end of the line. After around five casts I started to zone in on how to fish the Deep X. It gets down quickly, but holds its tight straight pattern if retrieved at a medium pace, when burning the lure back I found it would veer to one side. I did notice that the lure put out a very interesting knocking sound in the water, and as I listened for that sound I nearly lost my entire rig as a fish slammed the Deep X. When I brought the fish to the surface Cal yelled "we need the net, its a good one!" Sure enough in the net I stared at what the Deep X had rewarded me with in less than 10 casts...a healthy 9lb largemouth.

Look what happened when I finally convinced Zander to tie one on and give it a try!

I was filled with exhilaration, and as I went to high five Cal I suddenly realized that he had done it again. Just as he did when he introduced me to the Megabass Vision, I found myself immediately hooked on the Deep X. But rather than rush out and purchase a whole bunch of new baits I waited till the week to see if the catch had been just a fluke. We headed to Clear Lake and while the bite was decent it wasn't spectacular for the lake, and I still landed 7 bass (after losing 3 thanks to an overly stiff rod...but that's a story for another day) with the very same Deep X lure that Cal had given to me. Yes, I was officially addicted, and that night I ordered a boatload online. The e-tailers can officially thank Cal for spreading the madness, as I liberally bought up all their available stock. Since then the Deep X has made it to the front locker on my boat, and continues to be one of my top performing cranks. This is one time I am glad that the bait monkey bit....and it sure bit hard. 



Megabass DeepX 200T Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A well made crank that has stood up very well over long term testing 9
Performance Dives quickly and effectively and moves well through weeds and over rocks 9
Price Typical of most things Megabass... pricey 7
Features Tungsten weighting system, sharp hooks 9
Design (Ergonomics) Aside from some of the finishes, this bait doesn't look like much, but does it deliver! 8
Application Fish it in weeds or over rocks, this is a good mid-level crank 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Environmentally friendly tungsten weighting system L Doesn't look like anything special, so it can lull you into not using it
J Sharp, stock hooks L I finally had to write the review
J A good variety of finishes to choose from  
J Quick diver  


Remember this fish from the F4-610GT3 review? Not only was it the first fish I caught on that rod, it was the first fish I caught on this lure!


Conclusion: Well, the testing is over and one of my best kept secrets for 2006 is out. Certainly I will continue to fish this bait whenever I get the chance, but it's just not the same when it's no longer in the testing queue. Not a new bait by any means, but the Megabass DeepX 200T is one stealthily effective crankbait. It doesn't look like much, but it certainly gets the job done, and throughout this past year, it had done so when nothing else was working. Maybe it was the confidence the bait inspired the first time I really threw it and was instantly rewarded with that eight pound bass, or maybe it was that time at another lake cranking the dikes where, thanks to this bait, I managed two legs of the triple crown in bass fishing with a nice smallmouth and spotted bass. After all, it's mostly about what you have confidence in throwing, right? Well, if that's the case, the Megabass DeepX 200T has certainly been a confidence inspiring bait for me. Hopefully, if you decide to take the same chance based on this review, you'll be rewarded, as I was, with a year full of heavy sacks. I started out the year with just two of these baits. I now have forty-five (That's right....45) and counting. Is there any question I like this bait enough to name it this editor's choice? ("I'll second that, while I may not have as many baits as Cal I already have half as many, and they continue to perform spectacularly. This bait still doesn't look like all that much to me, but there's no denying it sure looks like a lot to big fish." -Zander)











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