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The Legend Alpha 199 Series Bass Boat Handles like a Sports Car (continued)


Layout: With electronics in the dash anglers also have room for a Lowrance X -135 LCD flush mounted into the bow panel. While Lowrance is the default choice anglers can also pick a Hummingbird model if they prefer. The overall layout of the Alpha 199 is simple and just plain makes sense. If you have fished out of a bass boat before than there isnít anything that would make you scratch your head and wonder ďnow why would they do that?Ē Every aspect of the boatís layout is as you would expect.


Anglers can go wild with color customization, this boat would likely appeal to Skeet


There are copious amounts of storage throughout the boat from the dry storage boxes to extra quick access storage right under the seats. Fish are kept safe in a 47 gallon divided livewell with dual 1000 Gph Aeration Flow-Rite System 3 Controls on auto timers with pumpout & quick lock connections. Once we had our tackle stowed it was time to crank the throttle up and see what the Alpha 199 felt like on the water.


Handles on either side of the boat provide nice anchor points for anglers when running or getting up and down from the bucket seats


Ride: We powered the Alpha 199 across Clear Lake at full throttle then turned the boat assertively to see how the boat handled. The first day we fished the boat all we had all day was calm wind and the water was glass, and while we could test the upper range of the boatís maximum speed we really wanted to see what the Alpha 199 could do in more hostile conditions. Our opportunity came on the second day of testing when we encountered strong winds and some brutal wind waves. While we didnít escape totally dry we were impressed how well the boat was able to carve through the water and whenever it came down hard the boat felt solid and didnít slam and vibrate like some of the other boats we have ridden.


Legend offers a "modular" second console with locking storage that can be removed quickly if you need extra room


The Alpha 199ís hull design is based on a 17 degree dead rise with a hard twist to a 52 degree entry at the bow which allows the boat to cut through the waves instead of bouncing over them. I would say that the Alpha 199 rides as good as or better than just about any other boat in the same size class, and if I had to compare it to any one other brand it would have to be a Champion. It certainly rode better than similarly sized Rangers, especially in rough weather.


The back of the center chair flips down to become a step


The low slung dashes on the Alpha 199 provide some wind protection but the windshields are so low that they really donít offer much in terms of wind protection. For 2009 the consoles were raised as were the windshields to offer slightly more protection while still remaining very aerodynamic.


Two anglers can fish off the back of the boat quite easily


Anglers will want to draw straws for seating on this boat as the two seats on the sides of the boat are a lot more comfortable than the center due to the individual custom buckets with gel pack inserts. The center has a nice soft bottom pad but there isnít a bucket to cradle your back when running hard as the flat low back flips down to double as a center step up seat. 


Extra storage is available under the seat


Next Section: How good of a fishing platform is the Alpha?










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