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Fishing a Grand Slam with G.Loomis E6X Rods at La Perla Ranch (continued)


It was during lunch that we realized that one of the writers, Jody White, had the chance to achieve this very feat. He had landed a big bucketmouth, a Wiper and managed to catch a 30lb Redfish out of Waterworld! The hard part was already done and the only fish that he still hadnít caught was a big bluegill. With a light action G.Loomis spinning rod in hand he went back out like a man on a mission.


Jody lands a 30lb Redfish!

Fishing underneath one of the feeders Jody got it done. Landing a healthy bluegill. That night he was rewarded with a ceremony that included shots of a new drink consisting of TX Whisky and fresh Bass eggs! In fairness Jody wouldnít have to do it alone and all of us joined him in a round of shots. A shot this epic needed to have a name and the ever inventive Ken Duke dubbed it ďWhisky Lobina.Ē It had a nice ring to it so it stuck.


Dr. Gary Schwartz congratulates Jody for catching all four species

That next morning Iíd be lying if I didnít say I was still shaking off some of the effects of the Whisky Lobina. Iím not sure what was tougher on my stomach, the Whisky or the Lobina, but Iím guessing it was the latter. Nonetheless I still had five more hours before needing to head to the airport and I was here to fish.


Post "Whisky Lobina" Jody is all smiles as he hold up a shirt from the ranch that means "Don't Back Out"

I hit La Perla Lake one last time, this time with Bob Mahoney, North American marketing Manager at Shimano, as my partner. Bob fishes hard and clearly the Whisky Lobina was no match for him as he slung the Jackall Gantarel cast after cast all morning long with the new E6X 7í4Ē swimbait rod. This heavy powered rod is rated up to 2oz. but I felt like it could handle baits all the way up to 3oz. pretty easily.


Bob Mahoney fishes the Jackall Gantarel swimbait alongside the vegetation

It features a Mod-Fast action which makes casting big baits very easy. While I landed a few fish on swim jigs Bob hammered both largemouth and Wipers on the Gantarel. With all the bluegill and shad in the lake it is no surprise that they were eager to chomp on this seductive 3 piece swimbait.


A closer look at the Gantarel bluegill pattern. Notice the dual line tie. The lower eye allows anglers to add weight

The fish at La Perla are not all that line shy, in fact most of our fishing was done with Power Pro braided line. To help minimize pressure on the lake La Perla limits the number of people on the lake to six at any one time in a maximum of two boats on each lake.


Bob lands a Wiper on the Gantarel


They also limit the number of total fishing days (including the owner and family) to eight per month, which gives the fish over 20 days, on average to not get harassed by an angler or their lures.


Bob shows us what La Perla is all about

Just how far does the team take management of their lakes? To reduce the possibility of their lakes being contaminated by any bad algae no outside boats are ever allowed, instead a selection of Tracker, Ranger or Twin-Troller two person electric boats are provided.


We go on a tour of the ranch and get a preview of the new lake the team at La Perla are building


This will be the forth lake on the property and is still being constructed before it is filled. The fish have already been growing in an adjacent pond


Pylons line a point that will soon be submerged

As good as the fishing was at La Perla the team is far from done. They are already hard at work developing a forth lake. We took a behind the scenes look at the new yet to be named lake that was being carved out of the landscape and it was very exciting to see the lake from the ground up, literally!


La Perla Ranch is a bassing dream come true and proved to be a great venue to experience the new Shimano and G.Loomis offerings firsthand

The entire experience at La Perla Ranch was a great one. The Texas hospitality, good food, and comfortable accommodations were all excellent, but letís face it, what makes this place so magical is the incredible fishing. You get the feeling that with each and every cast you have the opportunity to catch a trophy fish. Heck maybe even a trophy Redfish! I finished the trip with over 50 fish over two days and the biggest right at the double digit mark. We really couldnít have asked for a better location to put the new G.Loomis E6X rods, Shimano Zodias rods, and Jackall Gantarel swimbaits through the paces.

Stay tuned for more information about the Shimano Zodias Rods.

For more information about fishing packages at the ranch visit La Perla Resortís Website.











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