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Pro Angler Jared Lintner debuts his new Shaky Fins Shad Swimbait (continued)


We pulled a few fish up to four pounds in weight with plastics and each time made sure to put the fish right back into the water where they went right back to their nests. Some of the fish were in such an aggressive mode they would readily bite again right after going back to their nests.


This fish smoked me on drop shot with light spinning gear


As we worked our way into the very back of the lake both Jared and I stopped bedfishing and went back to the drop shot rigs using the same pattern that Nick had employed earlier that morning, the People’s Worm. It didn’t take long for me to get a few fish in the 3lb. class and Jared was pulling up fish left and right. As we worked our way further back I got hit on the worm with the Shimano Cumulus spinning rod and knew immediately from the amount of drag peeling from the reel that I finally had a bigger fish on the line.


Jared pulls a few fish out of shallow water timber


When I finally got a glimpse of her she looked like a fish around the four pound class but she was doing a real number on the end of my 6lb. line. She went under the boat, around the trolling motor and dove again. Nick was laughing at how this fish was smoking me on spinning gear. I gently lifted her back to the surface, and Jared said “do you want me to lip her for you?” I blurted “yeah get her in the boat!” Jared reached down and landed the fish and I was in the lead with a four and a half pounder.


Brad and Rich with a few nice Lopez largemouth


I led the top of our friendly little big fish competition for all of about ten minutes before Jared landed a five pounder with a Texas rigged plastic in timber. Jared’s strength is the shallow water and he was able to get a few nice fish right out of the sticks by pounding every little opening he could pitch into. As the sun started to dip behind the hill Jared went back to his swimbait in the hope of catching a kicker fish but the fish just were just not in the mood for a late swimbait bite.


JIP releases a fish


It was interesting to learn about the new Shaky Fins Shad swimbait and Jared also showed me another prototype soft bodied swimbait he is working on with Prime Target called the “Wobbler.” This bait is still in development and will be introduced after the shad.


A look at another prototype swimbait Jared is working on called the "Wobbler"


It was also equally interesting just to fish with Jared and even though we were “fun fishing” it was easy to see why Jared has that competitive edge necessary to compete at the highest levels of the sport. Not only does he understand how the fish are behaving, but he is willing to adapt quickly, and at the end of this particular day Jared caught more fish by himself than any two of us combined. I guess that’s why he’s the Pro.


Jared proves why he is the Pro. We wish him the best of luck on his upcoming Elite Series event and look forward to testing the final Shaky Fins Shad swimbaits in our home water... the Delta


As Jared turns his attention to the long drive east we wish him the best at the Blue Ridge Brawl at Smith Mountain Lake. This lake has long been known as a great finesse fishing lake, but we are sure that Jared is going to be tossing his new Shaky Fins Shad in search of the big ones.


Thanks to both Jared Lintner and Tackle Warehouse for both giving us an inside look at their new operation and spending time with us on the water










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