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Lure Review


An effective minnow bait with a Dart and Stop & Go system, the Jackall Squadminnow 95 (continued)

Durability: The durability of the Jackall Squadminnow is of no concern. It is as tough as other high-end jerkbaits and will take on abuse with the best of them. From the picture below you can see where the  bait shows signs of wear on the sides from the belly hook. But like any other jerkbait this can happen and the lure will still produce fish after fish.


The front hook is larger than the rear


The components such as the bill, hooks, other parts of the finish stood up against many fish with just normal wear and tear. After fishing this lure for quite some time now and after many bass and stripers, running the tips of the treble hooks on my fingernail, I can still feel the sharpness you would expect from a brand new high-grade fish hook.


Another look at the Squadminnow 95, this Ghost Minnow pattern produced many fish


Price: It is a whole new ball game today as you compare prices of tackle especially when there is a wide range of products on the market. The Jackall jerkbait is definitely of high quality and should only be compared to the top players such as Lucky Craft, Megabass, River2Sea, just to name a few. The price point of the Squadminnow, a Japanese lure, is competitive with products from Lucky Craft and others in this class, and is less costly than the Megabass jerkbaits.


Attractive patterns along with Jackall's Dart and Stop & Go internal weight system make this a great performing lure



Jackall Squadminnow 95 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality A high quality Japanese lure with high-grade components and finish 9
Performance An excellent performer on the water and true to its specifications. The weight/quick halt system does well at stopping the lure quicker than others jerkbaits. The lure has great motion when retrieved or jerked and itís proven to out fish other lures in the appropriate conditions 9.5
Price A competitive price point with many of the high-end minnow baits and it is well worth it 9
Features Sports many features that other jerkbaits have plus the addition of the weight/quick stop system 9.5
Design (Ergonomics) Designed very well to run in the water or while sailing in the air. The retrieve is productive and the interior designed feature that stops the lure quicker is a good addition 8.5
Application This jerkbait is great for freshwater species thatíll hit minnow lures. Weíve proven that it catches both bass and stripers in multiple bodies of water 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Effective Unique Action L Needs more slap for larger side to side motion
J Stops faster than other jerkbaits  
J Detailed patterns  
J Competitive price while offering more features  


A great minnow bait for multiple species

The Jackall Squadminnow 95 is designed using state of the art computerized technology by tournament anglers who thoroughly test a product before releasing it to the market. The Squadminnow has a similar profile to the Lucky Craft Pointer but it sets itself apart by introducing an innovative internal weight system that gives this minnow lure a specific action that no other bait has. The Jackall lureís unique system gives the lure a Dart and Stop & Go action in which once you stop your rod, the bait movement will quickly stop, suspending there still until you continue to work the lure. Overall the lure is well put together with quality components and finish, but itís the performance on the water that makes the Jackall Squadminnow. This proven jerkbait has gone through our tests and the results are very favorable and highly deserve TackleTourís Editorís Choice Award for its excellence.


Where to Buy? ExtremeLures.com - Jackall Squadminnow 95












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