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Event Coverage

ISE Show 2011 – Striking rod and lure gold in Sacramento (continued)


Real Fish Bait Company: Addressing both freshwater and saltwater swimbaits is Modesto, CA based Real Fish Bait Company. This company has expanded their offerings since we first met them a year ago and now offers a wide range of swimbait patterns to choose from including a 16oz. 12” trout which is armed with a top hook and two trebles. This lure is designed for targeting big fish and can be used for trolling in deep lakes. This lure retails for 18-20 dollars each and will be available in March.


Any table with the word "prototypes" is enough to draw us in for a closer look


The Real Fish 12" trout is great for trolling in deep lakes


Also new is a 5” baby bass lure which features the profile of our favorite species with both a top and belly hook. This compact bait weighs 2oz. and can be fished both fast or slow. The company is still refining this bait and the final version will be available in the Summer.


A prototype of the new bass lure shows the profile of the upcoming lure


The company continues to introduce new patterns


Along with these baits Real Fish Company has continued to add more patterns to their popular bluegill line. This includes attractive new Warmouth and Sunfish patterns that showcase excellent details and unlike many other swimbait offerings Real Fish strives to make all of their lures affordable, and these bluegill baits retail for a very reasonable $9.99 each.


Ho Pham continues to make swimbaits that not only look good but are affordable for all consumers


River2Sea: The company’s new Larry Dahlberg series lures continue to gain popularity among anglers and at last year’s BassJam we checked out the company’s new smaller Clackin Crayfish lures. At this year’s ISE show the company showcased a smaller version of the R2S diving frog. This smaller bite sized frog can be used for a wider range of fish including smallmouth and is a great option when the fish simply want what they perceive will be an easier meal.


River2Sea is working on new smaller versions of the diving frog


While the prototypes look good to go anglers will have to wait a bit longer as they officially will be launched at this coming ICAST.


The smaller frog (right) is both smaller in length and width yet showcases the same level of quality finish. Unfortunately anglers will have to wait until ICAST for these frogs to become available


Bait Buttons: Probably the most innovative product at the show was the newly debuted “Bait Buttons.” This clever yet very simply product can best be described as small rubber buttons that are designed to help keep your bait pinned properly or to isolate extra trailer hooks. Great for steelhead anglers the Bait Buttons are also designed to help bass anglers keep their plastics in perfect position.


The "Bait Buttons" are a clever new way to keep baits pinned in place


This product is excellent for steelhead anglers that need to keep fish pills in place


The Bait Buttons come in a easy to use applicator and all an angler needs to do is hold the applicator downwards and one of the buttons will drop into the end and is ready for anglers to pierce the button with their hookpoint.


The buttons are also good for keeping plastics rigged perfectly


They also can be used to isolate a trailer hook


The Bait Button can be used for many applications and holds everything from roe and live bait in place on the hook to wacky rigged or drop shot lures in perfect position. The Bait Button also helps protect plastics from ripping off the hooks and anglers and during field testing the company found plastics like Yamamoto Senkos lasted more than three times as long because fish simply couldn’t rip the bait off the hook as easily.


A look inside the refillable applicator


Bill Schmunk shows us the very innovative new "Bait Buttons"


Each Bait Button applicator comes with 100 buttons and retails for $8.49. When the applicator is empty anglers can buy 100 count refill packs for $4.99. The best place to find the product currently is direct from the company’s website but we expect to see more distribution from e-tailers in the coming months.


Stay tuned for part 2 when we check out some new reels, accessories and watercraft









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