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Custom lures, Pros, and more at the 2009 International Sportsmen's Expo Sacramento (continued)

Baitsmith: Swimbaits continued to be a hot topic at Sacramento and Baitsmith moves up from their original 6 inch swimbait to a full sized trout with the "Magnum Trout" swimbait. Announced at the end of last year the Magnum is just now becoming available and sports a realistic profile all the way down to the gills.


Don Osborne of Swimbait City shows us the new Baitsmith Magnum Trout


Don Osborne showed us the Magnum Trout which features similar angler fins as their original bait and also features an open mouth design. The bait dimensions are 9.5" x 3.5' x 1" and the Magnum weighs 6oz. and is capable of sinking 1.5 feet per second and is available in three patterns (light rout, dark trout, and hatchery trout patterns). The Baitsmith Magnum Trout is already available at Monster Tackle and Swimbait City. 


The Magnum Trout features is instantly recognizable as a Baitsmith bait 


One of the nicest touches is are the red gills which actually extend beyond the gill plate


Tylure: Tylure's custom made baits were also a hit at the show. We first met Tyler at the Bass-A-Thon where he showed us his new Kicker Trout swimbaits. Tylure's baits were once again front and center at the Sac ISE when they were used in demonstrations by pros at the nearby bass tank. By the time we reached the booth Tylure was near sold out of all his baits, and he still had another day and a half left at the show.  


Tylure's newest shad is the "natural" patterns


New for Tylure are a number of new patterns including a "natural shad" with a green back and a "Tilapia" pattern in the company's Kicker Sunfish lineup. We took one look at the Tilapia which is available in surface waker and slow sinking models and thought one thing..... El Salto! 


The Tilapia Kicker Sunfish looked like money for El Salto



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