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The ISE Sacramento show continues the rise of the big bait trend with bigger sticks (continued)

Real Image: The company Real Image, owned by Roy Bradshaw, isn’t widely known except to anglers in California. This young and growing company is maker of some exciting and effective products that deserve a mention as we were introduced to their products at the ISE Sacramento fishing show.


The Real Image tape uses holographic images

Real Image’s main concentration is producing reflective tape and products that employ their “fish laser” live-like holographic images and shiny prism tapes. The reflective tape, some with and without holographic images can be used on trolling tackle such as dodges and flashers, spools, and lures. These are effectively used by California anglers who troll for both salmon and trout. If your favorite lure has lost its pattern and shine simply purchase Real Image’s tape of your choice of color or pattern, cut it to shape and stick it onto your lure.

The tape can be added to any dodger, or used to customize spoons and jigs

The prices on the Real Image products are very competitive and at times less expensive than its competitors. For example, the Real Image 11 inch Dodger (pictured) that has their prism tape on one side and anchovy tape on both sides only cost $8.99, whereas a standard dodger from a competitor at that size normally costs ten dollars or more.

Roy holds up a dodger already customized with the Real image tape

The holographic tape by Real Image will vary in price. For instance, a pack of two 3x6 tapes of holographic shiners cost only $0.95 and holographic anchovies for $2.99. Real Image has a whole assortment of tapes and lures in different patterns and colors that makes them a one stop shop for your reflective needs.

Costa Del Mar exhibited their Man-o'-War at the show, these sunglasses were designed for anglers

Costa Del Mar: In the last few years Costa Del mar has really come on strong when it comes to optics that appeal to anglers. The Man-o'-War was a massive hit at ICAST, and now anglers can purchase the award winning sunglasses in one of three frames (shiny tortoise, matte black, or silver), and over 10 possible lenses.  

The Man-o'-War comes in a dizzying array of styles, but what really makes them great is the ability to add or remove side shields for various sports

Aside from the massive customization the Man-o'-War is popular for it's customizable side shields which can be removed for daily use, or added for maximum protection against dust, sand, and spray. The sunglasses retail for $129.99, and can even be customized with prescription lenses. 

Professional Angler Craig Gottwals showed us the Man-o'-War in his favorite style

The retrieve is so fast on this reel that it is possible to actually work topwater lures with this reel, and bringing life to baits like spooks has never been easier. The Megaforce may not be as refined as it's popular baitcasting siblings but it is hard to argue what a good value the reel is, and with a price point of only 59 dollars for a 5BB+1RB reel I guess it really isn't that hard to believe that the Megaforce has been flying off the shelves.

The Roddy Lites reel mounted on the Roddy Hunter rod, a complete package for 24.99

Roddy Hunter: While they may not be tournament reels and rods the offerings from the Roddy Hunter line was garnering a lot of attention from kids at the show. Hi's Tackle was selling these combos, and they down to their last two when we arrived. The combos featured a Robby Hunter rod and a Roddy Lites Reel. 

When the reel is cranked LED's light on both sides of the rotor

The reels did exactly as their name implies, and lit up on both sides of the rotor once the reel is spun. The ultra-bright led's are so intense that you can see the reel light up even in direct sunlight. While not designed for any real purpose other than being entertaining, the reels were a major hit among kids that seemed mesmerized by the product.

Ok, so its not a Fuego, but it is a good starter reel for kids

The reels are balanced reasonably well for a composite reel, and the drivetrain is supported with three bearings. With or without lights the combo is priced at an extremely aggressive price of only 24.99 for the entire combo.

The reel is available in multiple colors

Conclusion: With the conclusion of the Sacramento ISE the show packs up and moves East to Denver, where there is a heavy emphasis on fly fishing. Judging from the number of manufacturers that displayed their offerings and the crowds of outdoor enthusiasts that came out it looks like the season is off to a strong start. Upsize your tackle boxes, flex those muscles, and cast those big baits....its time to get back to fishing.

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