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ICAST 2013 Coverage

The All New Mitchell 300PRO Is NOT Your Grandfather's Spinning Reel!


Date: 7/11/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Mitchell
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Inventors of the world's first spinning reel, the Mitchell 300 has a long history of proven performance and reliability. The only problem is, that original design looks older than the reel itself. If you have a higher end spinning rod, are you really going to match it up with an ancient looking reel? Not likely, but the new 300PRO spinning reels should change your thinking. Available in a 300, 308, and 310 size, these totally brand new reels blend old and new features together to create products that are both feature-laden and stunningly attractive, especially for such a low price point.


This is certainly not your Grandfather's Mitchell


Mitchell 300PRO Overview: Each 300PRO reel is made with a matte black polymeric body that is said to be stronger than graphite, yet lighter than aluminum. The body has a very pleasantly soft, smooth feel to it similar to some reel seats with “soft touch” coatings you'll find on the market. A “Bail Halo” reduces weight but adds strength to the rotor to help line lay down evenly while keeping line out from under the aluminum spool. The double anodized aluminum handle comes with a black EVA knob for comfortable cranking. For a drag system, 300PRO reels utilize a carbon hybrid system that is advertised to handle big fish while not easily overheating. Ten ball bearings and an instant anti reverse round out a very refined package.


The new Mitchell 300 spinning reels have been modernized


Mitchell 300PRO: Line Capacity 180 yards/12lb mono, 210 yards of 14lb braid, 5.8:1 gear ratio with 33 inches of line being retrieved per handle turn, max drag 14lbs.


The "Bail Halo" reduces weight


Mitchell 308PRO: Line Capacity 130 yards/8lb mono, 190 yards of 8lb braid, 5.8:1 gear ratio with 30.5 inches of line being retrieved per handle turn, max drag 14lbs.


The new reel is constructed out of polymer for weight and rigidity


Mitchell 310PRO: Line Capacity 100 yards/4lb mono, 110 yards of 6lb braid, 5.2:1 gear ratio with 20.5 inches of line being retrieved per handle turn, max drag 6.4lbs.


A look at a special edition 300 to commemorate the redesign. This reel was being given away in a contest at the show


All Mitchell 300PRO spinning reels are priced at just $69.95 regardless of model. They are also available matched up as a combo with 24-ton graphite rods featuring stainless steel guides and inserts, and an EVA split grip. Five combo sizes are available priced at $89.95 each.


Matt Kitchen shows us the exciting new Mitchell spinning reels


Conclusion: These reels are very attractive and refined for the money. It's nice to see Mitchell still in the game after all these years, and these reels represent a big step forward for them. Each of the TackleTour staff has already received a 300PRO model, so expect a full review in the near future! For more information visit www.fishmitchell.com.









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