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Quantum Takes EXO to the Next Level and the Company's Other Lines Follow (continued)

EXO PT: Last year the Quantum EXO PT reel was without a doubt one of the major highlights. The new EXO reel has a stylish skeletal design for serious weight reduction, all without sacrificing the frame's rigidity. Three right handed models are already available to anglers and now Quantum is ready to expand this popular series by adding an additional new 12 models!


EXO PT now in both right and left handed retrieve


Model Retrieve Cap (Mono) Cap (Braid) Gear Ratio IPT Drag (lbs) Bearings Weight (oz)
*EX100HPT Right 145/12 185/30 7.3:1 31 15 10+1 5.9
*EX100SPT Right 145/12 185/30 6.6:1 28 17 10+1 5.9
*EX100PPT Right 145/12 185/30 5.3:1 24 19 10+1 5.9
EX101HPT Left 145/12 185/30 7.3:1 31 15 10+1 5.9
EX101SPT Left 145/12 185/30 6.6:1 28 17 10+1 5.9
EX200HPT Right 175/14 170/50 7.3:1 35 18 10+1 6.8
EX200PPT Right 175/14 170/50 5.3:1 25 22 10+1 6.8
EX200SPT Right 175/14 170/50 6.6:1 32 20 10+1 6.8
EX201HPT Left 175/14 170/50 7.3:1 35 18 10+1 6.8
EX201SPT Left 175/14 170/50 6.6:1 32 20 10+1 6.8
EX300HPT Right 200/20 260/56 7.3:1 35 18 6+1 7.5
EX300PPT Right 200/20 260/56 5.3:1 25 22 6+1 7.5
EX300SPT Right 200/20 260/56 6.6:1 32 20 6+1 7.5
EX301HPT Left 200/20 260/56 7.3:1 35 18 6+1 7.5
EX301SPT Left 200/20 260/56 6.6:1 32 20 6+1 7.5

 * Already in stores


Last year there were three right handed models and now anglers that prefer left handed retrieve can get their hands on the lefty models in last year's sizes, but the entire series.


New 200 and 300 sizes are now available. Here's a bird's eye view for comparison


In addition to the lefty reels anglers will be excited to see larger 200 and 300 size casting reels to address applications requiring more line capacity and power. The frame design, handle, knobs, and most of the guts are the same as the 100 size. Both of these larger size reels incorporate a double back up pawl and ratchet system not seen on the 100 series reel. This is to ensure no failures will occur when you're battling big game fish with lighter gear of this size.


The EXO PT 300, this reel will be awesome for large bait applications


With the 200 and 300 size reel anglers will also get larger components which translates to greater performance in areas such as drag, inches per turn, power, and more. The 200 size reels will have 10+1 bearings while the 300 size will have 6+1. The new EXO PT reels will be available midyear 2013 and the prices will be 249.95, $269.95, and $299.95 depending on model and size. 


Saltwater anglers will welcome the new Smoke Inshore PT. A low profile saltwater worthy reel


Smoke Inshore PT: Two years ago Quantum introduced the freshwater Smoke PT and now this popular reel is now available in a saltwater inshore version. This new reel has the same profile as the freshwater version but aside from that just about everything else is different.


It might look like the freshwater version but there's more to it that makes this inshore reel saltwater worthy


The Smoke Inshore PT is made up of saltwater worthy materials such as 8 PT stainless/polymer hybrid bearings which utilize Quantum's multi-layer saltwater coatings for increased corrosion resistance.


Small and lightweight yet still durable for saltwater gamefish


Two models are available for the Smoke Inshore PT, a right and left hand retrieve, and they both come with a high speed 7.0:1 gear ratio. The reels are only 6.2 ounces thanks to the lightweight aluminum design and aircraft grade aluminum is used to fabricate the main gear and drive shaft for better durability. The Smoke Inshore PT will be available this Fall and will retail for $219.95.


Model Retrieve Cap (Mono) Cap (Braid) Gear Ratio IPT Drag (lbs) Bearings Weight (oz)
SL100HPTS Right 135/12 140/30 7.0:1 28 16 7+1 6.2
SL101HPTS Left 135/12 140/30 7.0:1 28 16 7+1 6.2


Conclusion: Lefty anglers rejoice. This year Quantum stepped it up and made the complete range lefty friendly while also leveraging the foundation the EXO reels created to introduce a new lineup that not only looks like a family of reels but boasts the features that really elevate the level of performance and refinement that anglers can expect, all at very aggressive prices. There seems to be a trend this year to bring out low profile reels with high capacity and the new EXO 200 and 300 size reels look like real contenders!  










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