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Event Article: 2005 ICAST Reel Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 1 - Exciting Reels all across the show floor

TICA: On the show floor TICA shocked us with a large amount of quality saltwater reels for both big game and surf fishing they now have in their lineup. The TICATEAM big game two-speed reel now comes in a full range of sizes; 20, 30, 50, and 80. These proven big game reels will give an angler the edge to picking the right size for their favorite game without overdoing their application, or even worse not have enough capacity.


Derick Fisher of TICA shows JIP how quickly the new saltwater reel can be disassembled


In addition TICA is big on surf reels and is introducing the ABYSS TL and TF series. These reels are very refined looking but two features within the design really stood out. Spinning surf reels have tall spools and getting line to lay correctly has been an issue with many companies. TICAís solution is longer worm shafts that are supported with their new Cybernetic Frame System that guides the line onto the spool with extreme precision.


Big game anglers now have a wider selection of sizes for this fine two-speed reel


Yet another reel that is new that deserves attention is the new Seaspirit reel. The neatest feature on this reel is the Quick Remove Sideplate system that allows fast disassembly on the field for maintenance if needed, without tools. Alex Hung of TICA showed us how fast he was able to take one of these reels apart. With a turn and click the reel was taken apart and now you have access to cleaning and maintaining your reel. It literally takes 2 seconds.


Ron Giudice of Pure Fishing shows Zander the new solid Record reel

Abu Garcia: Abu Garcia had the works in their booth this year with a test tank, diagnostic machines, and other well thought-out gadgets to demonstrate the performance of their tackle. Tim Rizzi and Ron Giudice of Pure Fishing showed us two of the more exciting products Abu Garcia had to offer for 2006. The new Cardinal 500 ALB has been completely redesigned with a rugged aluminum frame and more precise rotor system. Tim Rizzi showed us on a laser guided machine on how much more balance the Cardinal 500 had during rotation as compared to brand ďX.Ē 

Pure Fishing had many electronics present at their booth to display their product performance. Here Tim Rizzi of Pure Fishing shows Zander how balanced the Cardinal 500 is when cranked

This next reel is one we really fell in love with. Built with Swedish engineering and craftsmanship, the new Abu Garcia "Record" reel is absolutely stunning. The reel is manufactured out of stainless steel and brass components and felt extremely sound. We marveled at how solid this reel felt in our hands and we canít wait to do an in-depth review on it. The Record exhibits a perfect blend of new technology and loyalty to the original Abu design heritage.


The new Record reel is made in Sweden and is absolutely solid

Okuma Induron IDx: Okuma is one company that always makes a big splash when it comes to new tackle introductions. This year they displayed many new reels that target a wide range of anglers. The current Induron will now be named Induron IDx. The name change also comes with many new added features. The small model that targets bass and other freshwater game gets a perforated spool for better performance, drilled out frame cross-bar for weight reduction, and Okumaís Rulidium drag system for sure stopping power. All these new upgrades with about the same retail cost of $109.

The Induron IDx now comes with more features and a more solid frame. The Stinson spinning reels by Okuma are high performing with a low price tag of only 34.99-54.99


The VSystem is Okumaís latest and greatest spinning reel. From a few turns of the handle at the Okuma booth we were impressed by how smooth and powerful the reel was. The reel features Okumaís Elliptical Oscillation System, high performance bearings, solid aluminum frame construction, DFD (Dual Force Drag) system, and much more. One feature that we found neat was on the forged aluminum handle. At the base Okuma has implemented a new Quick-Lock handle design. The new design is spring loaded and can be quickly folded by sliding the neck collar on the handle. This allows for more compact design for storage and transportation. The VSystem comes in sizes 15 all the way to 80 and the retail price ranges from $149 to $189.

For 2006 the VSystem comes in saltwater sizes and is awesome for anglers that need reliability and power. Another nice feature is the quick unlatch and fold handle system


Pflueger Supreme: Remember the Pflueger President baitcast reel review we did on TackleTour and how the results came out? If you donít, let me give you a quick refresher. The President baitcaster received a score of 8.91 and was awarded TackleTourís Best Value Award. This year thereís something even better than the President reel. The new Plfueger Supreme LP and LPL sports 3 ball bearings on the spool shaft, 1 on the crankshaft, 2 on the worm gear, and 4 on the handle knobs. Thatís 10 ball bearings! One spin of the spool and a few cranks of the handle of the Supreme, we can tell this one is also going to be a winner.


The latest and greatest by Pflueger is the Supreme which is positioned one level above the President

Conclusion: The secret is out...the 2006 reels are among the most exciting we have seen in years. Whether you enjoy fishing freshwater for bass or dipping into the deep blue for Tuna there are new reels that will soon be available that allow you to tailor your gear to your distinctive fishing requirements. Innovations like the Shimano Torsa cam system and the Daiwa Viento Twitching Bar allow anglers to get real creative, fish new techniques, and demand more from their tackle. Companies like Zebco have made huge strides in a very short period of time, and rather then rest on their laurels are pushing the envelope once again by revamping their entire lineup of Performance Tuned reels, and expanding their brand portfolio. Manufacturers like Abu Garcia are bringing classic designs and refinement together and the result are reels that both early adopters and purists will love. Then there are companies like Okuma, Tica, and Shakespeare that are expanding into new territories, and doing a fantastic job of delivering more performance for the money then we thought would ever be possible just 2 shows ago. What it really comes down to this year in Vegas is that all the reel manufacturers have upped the ante, we see more and more risks being taken to push the envelope in terms of design and technology, and lucky for all of us the ultimate winners are the consumers.











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