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Event Article: 2005 ICAST Special Coverage

ICAST Coverage Special Report - There's more to the story... (continued)

Fish Hedz: Not too long ago the TT staff awarded Save Phace's Fish Hedz masks an Editors Choice award. Here is a product that can save you the sting of rain and mist while running on the ocean, or coming face to face with bugs or even a wayward bird at 50+ mph while cruising in your bass boat. 


Fish Hedz displayed unreleased new masks designed to specifically complement bass rigs

There is just about no more prized possession to hard core bass anglers than their lavish bass rigs, and for 2006 Save Phace is working closely with the leading boat manufacturers to design and manufacture co-branded Fish Hedz masks. With just as much style as the most pimped out rigs these new masks are sure to be a big hit among hard core bass anglers. A date hasn't been specified for the release of the new masks but our bet is it won't be very long before anglers will be cruising the waterways in style.


Zander and Fish Hedz staff couldn't resist sporting the new Triton and Ranger masks

ZPI: While visiting Lucky Craft we were shocked to discover that ZPI actually had a presence at the show. ZPI had a corner stand within the Lucky Craft booth.  It would have been no surprise to meet the high performance tuning parts manufacturer at the Tokyo show, but to see them here at ICAST was quite a treat.


The modified by ZPI AE74 and ZPI bearing kit is among the most exciting round reel projects ever

This is the first time that import enthusiast offerings have been revealed here at ICAST. ZPI's president, Tsuyoshi Kato, showed us the newest tuning parts which included Mg spools and bearings for the "modified by ZPI" Abu Garcia AE74. We also got a glimpse of a new ZPI tuned Daiwa TD-Z with a new ultralight spool setup. Of course all the reels were outfitted with ZPI's own sleek carbon handles. While most of these products are still made available to anglers via importers, the fact that a team from ZPI came to meet buyers and media here in the US is a good indication that the company is very serious about not only expanding brand awareness but support for the US market as well.

F-O oil air spray for high performance reels makes use of nano-technology


ZPI F-O Super "Lub: ZPI now has a racing concept lubrication that is packaged in a spray bottle with a tube (similar to a mini can of WD-40). This spray makes use of nano-technology to get into the minuscule imperfections within the surfaces of all gearing. In Japan numerous reels were tested both with and without Friction-Zero. Those that had been treated demonstrated increased casting distance, a smoother feel, and an overall longer lifespan.


A new ZPI spool design for the TD-Z is designed to improve casting distance and control


Conclusion: ICAST 2005 may be over, and this special report wraps up our official coverage, but the real story doesn't have to end here. In the last three weeks since the conclusion of the actual ICAST event a number of manufacturers have already released several of the products they showcased on the exhibit floor. These official launches will continue throughout the rest of the calendar year, so if there was something in particular that really caught your attention in any of our ICAST reports rest assured that the product you crave will make an appearance on a e-tail page, or on a store shelf before long.


Signing off from Las Vegas...Team TackleTour.












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