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ICAST 2018 Coverage



Artistry at Work - Nishine's Chippawa Crankbaits


Date: 7/26/18
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Nishine
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Nishine Lure Works, a company that is based in Ontario Canada but has a long history going all the way back to Lake Biwa in Japan, is ready to make a big push in the U.S. with an enhanced product line including the refined Chippawa Crankbait Series.


Hiroshi Nishine, Founder and Lure Creator of Nishine Lure Works, explains the design process behind each of his creations


Behind every lure is a story, and for Nishine Lure Works it is a story of art transforming into function.


The company is the creation of Hiroshi Nishine, who started his career in the fishing industry lure carving at ENDO Art Craft in Japan under the famed Mr. Tatsumi Endo back in 1990. Six years later Hiroshi established his own brand called Dream Rush near Lake Biwa Japan.


A look at one of his original wooden carvings


A few years later he moved to Vancouver and from the years of 2001 to 2006 he was involved in the development of lures for Shimano and Tru-Tungsten. In 2006 he once again established his own brand called "Nishine Lure Works" starting with handmade baits and eventually expanding the line to include plastics and jigheads. A year ago the company started their push into North America and this ICAST Hiroshi introduced an exciting new crankbait called the Chippawa.


Carvings then are transformed into molds


Nishine at Work: ICAST is always a crazy show for us and it is a mad scramble from one meeting to the next, followed by searching for new and interesting products if there is any time left at the end of the day. While I was at the show I was messaged by fellow outdoor writer and friend, Jonathan LaPera, who told me I needed to check out the Nishine booth.


Molds create plastic prototypes


At the booth Hiroshi showed us the different steps that he took to create his new crankbait starting with the original wooden carvings which then are turned into molds and eventually used to create plastic prototypes. The entire process had to be done numerous time to achieve the realization of his original vision, then only after the crankbait prototypes were created could the design be further refined to create the perfect action.


A look at the Chippawa RB crankbait (Black Shad Pattern)


The Chippawa RB (Round Bill) Crankbait is now ready for primetime and is a 2.4" lure that weighs in at 0.53oz. and is capable of diving down to 5 feet during retrieves. The crankbait can be fished at various speeds and is designed to deflect off structure. Each bait is armed with two size #4 ultra sharp Ichikawa Kamakiri treble hooks.


The Swamp Craw Fish pattern features a matte finish with craw markings


There are nine different Chippawa RB patterns and all of them have a refined matte finish that really comes alive under water. Hiroshi explained that the Chippawa RB is just the first introduction in the series and he is already working on variations of the bait including baits with a blade connected via a swivel together with the treble hook for some added flash.


A future version will even have a paired blade


Utilizing the same elegant profile Nishine will also introduce longer lipped versions capable of diving deeper, as well as squarebill variations designed for contact in shallow water. Hiroshi is also working with different weights to create baits with the same bite-size profile but with varying float rates. We will have to wait for these other versions later this season but for now anglers can get in on the original Chippawa crank for $15.00 each.


The custom made Erie Jerkbait


A customizable Jerkbait: Hiroshi also showed us his Erie 115MD jerkbaits which are handmade in Canada in small quantities. The interesting thing about this jerkbait is that the action can be altered with a bundled weight system. By itself it is a slow floating lure, but add the weight together with the treble hook on the front and it will become a slow sinking lure. Looking for a suspending bait? Simply cut the weight, leaving roughly half of it, to create a suspending action. Of course suspension will depend on the type of line and water temperature so some tweaking is required and the Erie jerkbait enables anglers to do exactly that, by adapting the bait in realtime.


Hiroshi Nishine clearly loves creating baits and with his own company he is now able to transform his art into highly effective baits


Bringing the type of detail in design we are used to seeing in JDM product and infusing some Canadian flavor makes Nishine Lure Works quite a unique company.


I'm glad that Jonathan pointed me in the direction of Nishine's booth, as it was interesting to not only check out Nishine's latest creations but learn firsthand about the process of creating those baits, as well as get some insight into the company's future roadmap. It was clear that Hiroshi is a master at his craft, and is passion for lure making was undeniable as he showed us his latest creations. It will no doubt be an exciting year for Nishine Lure Works as their baits become more readily available stateside.









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