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Date: 7/15/14
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Live Target
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Live Target kicked things off at ICAST by holding a press conference prior to the start of the floor events. Building on their founding principles of matching the hatch the company took last year BaitBall Series to the next level with the introduction of the "Yearling" concept.


Packing a lot of hatchlings into a single bait, meet the new Live Target Yearling


Yearling: The Bait Ball Series already had a very realistic finish and the team took that and created a new version which focused on schools of even smaller baitfish. Designed around nature's own baitfish hatchery these lures focus on hatchlings.


The Yearling Bait Ball lures will be available in a number of configurations including topwater baits


Lead designer Tobias Weigand states “When all fish hatch from an egg, they’re tiny in mass. Hatchlings; such as alevin and fry, are generally eaten by very small fish and other baitfish. However, when they become yearlings, they are large enough to be foraged upon by game fish.” It is these year old baitfish that make up the new Yearling™ BaitBall. Weigand continues, “We know that game fish eat yearlings but we’ve never been able to match the hatch before unless we use a tiny lure.” Clustering yearlings into a BaitBall configuration creates a natural presentation in a tool that is large enough to cast with adequate hooks to target larger game fish.


A look at some of the different patterns

The Yearling BaitBall series has been created around eleven distinct lure tools for technique specific applications: Squarebills: 2 sizes / 5 colors, Crankbaits: 3 sizes/dive depths / 5 colors, Jerkbaits: 2 sizes / 6 colors, Rattlebaits: 2 sizes / 5 colors and Walking baits: 2 sizes / 4 colors. The Yearling BaitBall will be available to retail partners in August and to consumers in September 2014 and retail for $17.99 MSRP per lure.

Saltwater Anglers get a new weapon, the Hybrid Shrimp


Hybrid Shrimp: Live Target didn't leave saltwater anglers out either and followed up on last year's Rigged Shrimp with the new Hybrid Shrimp. The Hybrid Shrimp has a hard lure body combined with soft legs to create a natural swimming appearance and action.


Lots of patterns to pick from to match the hatch


The Hybrid Shrimp will be available in two sizes: 3 1/2” and 4” and eight colors which are similar to many of the colors introduced in soft Shrimp. Several of the Hybrid Shrimp colors will also offer flash attraction built into the design.


Grant Koppers, owner and lead designer at Live Target shows us the Yearling


The lure is armed with a belly hook which is designed to help reduce snags. In addition the existing Rigged Shrimp (soft) product line-up will be enhanced with 2 new colors in both 3” and 4” sizes. The Hybrid Shrimp will retail for$14.49. and will be available around December 1, 2014.










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