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Date: 7/17/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: When you're one of the most popular plastic bait brands in the world, what can you do to extend and expand your line? You can introduce variants of successful designs. You can create new, custom colors. You can come out with new soft plastic baits to match and mimic successful products by your competitors. What happens when you've already exhausted those alternatives? Do you sit back and reap the rewards or do you stay aggressive and try something new?


Those don't look like Senkos?


Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits (GYCB) has been there and done all of that. From their most famous bait, the Senko to all its variants, to the out of control color options, to custom colors available at select tackle shops, to offering swimbait and craw options like everyone else. The difference here is that GYCB wasn't satisfied with resting on their laurels. They know as well as we do that the bite and therefore the hot product on store shelves changes at the drop of a Facebook or Instagram picture blast.


That's because they're not! Introducing GYCB Hardbaits!


GYCB Hard Baits: So this year, instead of resting on their laurels, GYCB is introducing a brand new line of premium hardbaits sure to move the enthusiasm gauge on new and existing fans alike. Here's a look at what GYCB debuted at ICAST 2013.


Chikara means "Power" in Japanese and is the name of GYCB's new line of crankbaits.


Chikara: The word "chikara" stands for "power" in Japanese. GYCB leverages this meaning for the name behind their new line of crankbaits. Available in three different sizes, the Chikara will range from three to ten foot running depths and are built to be fished through whatever cover you're brave enough to throw them into. Each size will be offered in up to sixteen (16) different colors and sell for $7.99.


The Tate' is GYCB's new walk-the-dog cigar bait.


Tate': GYCB meets SYTYCD with the Tate' which means "dance" in Japanese and what better way to describe their new topwater cigar bait that's built to dance and sashay as you work it across the surface of the water? The Tate' will be available in two sizes and in nine (9) different color variations. Retail price on the Tate' is expected to be $7.99.

You can't be considered a premium hardbait manufacturer without an intriguing rip/jerkbait and the Tenkuu is GYCB's answer to that qualification.

Tenkuu: It almost goes without saying that you cannot be a successful hardbait manufacturer without a versatile and intriguing offering in the jerk/rip bait market. GYCB realized this and that's why the Tenkuu will be available in up to three sizes covering depths from four to ten feet depending on the model and size/type of line you're using. The two smaller sizes (76 & 100) will be available in seventeen (17) different color patterns while the larger, 110, will be available in only eight (8) colors. All three sizes are set to retail for $7.99.

The Shibuki looks like a contender in the popper market.

Shibuki: The last bait to round out GYCB's initial foray into the premium hard bait market is a popper. Shibuki means "splash" in Japanese which is an all too appropriate name for a topwater popping bait. It will be available in two sizes (60mm & 80mm) and in seven color patterns each. The Shibuki will retail for $7.99.

Jay Yelas was on hand to show us the brand new premium hardbaits by Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits.

Conclusion: Crank it, walk it, rip it, pop it, GYCB covered almost all the bases with their initial offering of premium hardbaits. The most interesting bit about these baits however, is unlike their premium soft plastics which are accompanied by what some feel an equally premium price tag, these new hardbaits by GYCB are all set to retail for under eight bucks ($8)! Looks like we're going to have to pull out our Year of the Crank jerseys to take a test with these baits and see what they're all about on the water!










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