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Date: 7/18/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Redington
Reviewer: Wolbugger




Introduction: Sage has always been one of the “big boys” in fly fishing, and this year they are flexing their muscles with several new product reveals. Continuing their long tradition of ultra-premium products designed for serious fly anglers, these latest offerings don't appear to disappoint. Touting fresh features, technology, and design, it's no wonder their booth was always buzzing with people!


The new Method rods are designed for demanding casting situations where ultra fast actions help deliver tight loops and greater distance


Method Fly Rods: Out with the old, in with the new! The blazing-fast TCX fly rod family from Sage is now being replaced with the Method series of rods which promises even higher performance. Using Sage's Konnetic technology, these magma-red rods are designed for demanding anglers and are up to the task of the most demanding situations. These blanks are said to produce smooth, ultra fast actions resulting in tight loops and extreme distance, but still have the necessary “touch” to fish in close. Though one could argue these are better suited for advanced anglers, Sage claims these rods can make any angler a better caster. Though the flagship ONE series rods will undoubtedly be more popular for a wider range of situations, the Method series should fill a vital role for many anglers.


These magma-red rods are hard to miss


Freshwater rods will come in 4 to 6 weight sizes and each will feature a snub-nose half wells grip, cocobolo wood insert, and black reel seat components. Saltwater rods will be available in 6 to 11 weight sizes, and feature a full wells grip, fighting butt, and black aluminum reel seat. Don't worry spey and switch anglers, you'll have your rods too with 9 new models available in the category. Prices for all Method rods will range from $800-$1,050 with availability beginning August 1st.


One of the coolest looking new fly reels on the market, the Sage Evoke


Evoke Fly Reels: To put things rather simply, these are very cool looking reels! Evoke reels are fully machined with a large arbor and utilize a strong, unique frame design that is closed on the top to eliminate line mishaps, but exposed on the bottom for palming control. The same sealed carbon drag system that is used on the popular Sage 6000 fly reels finds it's way into these as well. The drag is easily adjusted via a large one revolution knob with 39 detents for the ultimate in fine tuning.


The back of the Evoke reel


Evoke reels will initially come in 8 and 10 weight sizes and be offered in three color options: bronze/platinum, stealth/platinum, and stealth/blaze. Prices will come in at $575 for the 8 weight (spare spool $275), and $595 for the 10 weight size (spare spool $295). These two reels will begin to hit stores in August.


The unique design allows direct access to the bottom of the spool for palming


Motive Rods: Motive rods are designed with the idea of making saltwater fly fishing more affordable for all. Bearing a resemblance to the awesome Sage Xi3 series, Motive rods feature an all-new fast action taper that is easy to load but still delivers the goods at any range. Each rod features a full wells cork grip and fighting butt to provide the necessary leverage to lean into the strong butt section designed to move big fish. Other saltwater-friendly hardware includes anodized aluminum reel seats, oversized guides, and a bluefin-blue blank with blue wraps and royal blue/black trim. Every Motive rod comes along with a blue-steel colored ballistic nylon divided tube. The series will be made up of five nine-foot rods from 8 to 12 weight, and retail for $425 with availability in August.


Designed for saltwater the new Motive rods deliver fast action yet are designed to be easy to load


3200 and 2200 Reels: Affordable quality best describes these two new reels from Sage. The 3200 series large arbor reel is based on the 4200 series model, and each features a stainless steel clutch bearing inside Sage's sealed carbon drag system for reliability.


The new 2200 Series reels are affordable yet deliver plenty of quality


The drag is adjusted via a large one-revolution drag knob. These reels feature generous large arbors to facilitate quick line pickup, and are fully machined for precision and durability. Offered in a 3/4, 5/6, and 7/8 size, you can take your pick of a reel in black/platinum or all platinum. You can grab one beginning in August for $199 to $239.


Looking for something more refined but still reasonably priced? The 3200 series fits the bill


2200 reels take the value even further, and are constructed out of die cast aluminum. Thanks to a refined machining process, tolerances are much more precise than the average die cast reel on the market. Handles are fully machined and drag pressure is provided by the Sage sealed carbon system. Available in 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, and 9/10 sizes, pick from either black/platinum or black/blaze color schemes. Retail price is a refreshing $129-$159 and availability begins in August.


Thanks to Kara Armano for showing us all the exciting new offerings from Sage


Conclusion: We were impressed by what Sage had to show us at this year's ICAST show. As usual, the products were highly refined and boasted the latest in design and technology. It was also refreshing to see some items from them at more affordable price points to appeal to an even broader group of anglers. Though first impressions were positive, real-life testing is the true measure of how good a product is, so you can expect us to put at least one of these items through a full test in the near future!










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