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Date: 8/31/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Pinnacle
Reviewer: Zander

This season Pinnacle ups the ante with new tournament class reel and rods. Just what does that “tournament class” mean? These top end offerings blend the company’s latest design and technology together with the features and design elements favored by the company’s prostaff.


A look at the prototype Primmus Xi reel that John Crews has been fishing


Pinnacle boasts a robust Prostaff including Wolak, Elias, Crews, Card and Myers and each of these anglers has had a hand in designing this season’s new lineup. One of the most exciting new reels from Pinnacle is the Primmus Xi baitcaster which is built out of an “X-Bone” carbon frame and REF2 carbon fiber side covers so it weighs in at only 5.8 ounces. The spool and drive train on the Primmus Xi are constructed out of Duralumin alloy and the reel has a reliable internally adjusted centrifugal cast control system.


This reel will have internal centrifugal cast controls


The drags in this reel are carbon fiber and the Primmus Xi will be available in a standard 6.3:1 retrieve ratio. The prototype reels at the show felt smooth loaded with a 10+1 bearing system and interestingly each Primmus will be hand tuned from the factory so that right out of the box they will have been tested to the company’s tight tolerances.


A look at another prototype with a glossy finish 


The Primmus XI will be available in the next few weeks and retail for $249 dollars. Pros like John Crews have been fishing the prototype reels and the company has nailed down the finish to a rich black paint that looks good alongside the red anodized highlighted spool and metal components, and the swept carbon fiber handle.  


The reel feels smooth and lightweight


Those anglers looking for a more affordable workhorse reel may want to consider the new Producer LTE baitcaster which also makes use of “X-Bone” carbon construction to weigh in at only 5.75 ounces. This lightweight reel is still designed to be rigid and hold the drivetrain and spool perfectly in place to ensure good castability and wobble free retrieves.  The new Producer will come loaded with 8+1 bearings and has an externally adjustable magnetic cast control.


The Producer LTE is designed to be a lot of reel for only 99 dollars


The Producer may not look as stealthy and high end as the Primmus Xi but for mainstream anglers the retail price point of $99.99 makes this a very compelling option.


The producer LTE has externally adjustable magnetic cast control


To pair with these new reels the company is also rolling out new rods under the Perfecta 7 DHC Series. Each of these technique specific rods were designed by Prostaffers Dave Wolak, John Crews and Britt Myers to complement their personal fishing style and incorporate the features and actions of what these pro’s viewed as the ideal attributes for specific techniques.


Steve Moon shows us how the blank loads up on one of the new Perfecta 7 DHC rods


These rods utilize Pinnacle’s proprietary “Double Helix Construction” process and are designed to be light, strong and sensitive.  Each of the 12 rods in the series feature split grip designs with high density EVA grips and either Fuji ACS or VSS reel seats that are finished with black matte hoods and anodized winding checks. The guides on the rods are all Fuji Titanium-SIC tangle free K-Guides. One nice visual feature is that each of the Perfecta 7 DHC rods are color coded to match up with the Pros, Gold-Britt, Red-Crews and Blue for Wolak. These slick looking rods match up nicely in balance and cosmetics with the new reels and will retail for $349-$399 dollars depending on model.


These rods look slick. Each is color coded to match the company's signature pro.


This season looks like an exciting one for Pinnacle and the company’s latest reels and rods are designed for tournament duty. Leveraging the expertise of the company’s Prostaff these new reels and rods are the best we have seen from Pinnacle yet. They not only look and feel refined they exhibit the kind of qualities and aggressive styling that make you just want to pick them up and go fishing. If you are looking for tournament class offerings, including a reel that is individually hand tuned, Pinnacle has you covered with this latest kit.


The team at Pinnacle has a lot to be excited about this season and we can't wait to check out the mass production, hand tuned, Primmus Xi baitcaster on the water


This concludes our ICAST new product coverage. With that it is time to return to our regularly scheduled tackle reviews. What's on the roster? Some of the new reels and rods that we covered at ICAST that we have had the opportunity to fish before and after the show as well as a upcoming special “Frog Week” for those anglers addicted to fishing the slop and drawing those epic topwater strikes.










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