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ICAST 2013 Coverage

Abel Rolls Out Stunning New Colors And Premium Products


Date: 7/15/13
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Abel
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Are you a fly angler and like nice things? We mean really, really nice things? Southern California-based Abel Reels has been producing not just premium, but stunning products for quite some time. As a matter of fact this marks their 25th Anniversary, and they even showed us something new to commemorate this very special year.


Abel has long been known for high quality reels and unique finishes that truly qualify as "art"


Abel Hybrid Hemostat: The hybrid hemostat features a small locking mechanism located on the top of the handle that only locks into place when you want it to. You must only squeeze the handles or slide back this small thumb lock to unlock the jaws. This is a much easier one-handed process than with traditional hemostats.


New for this season, a hybrid hemostat that locks


The replaceable stainless steel jaws feature a lifetime guarantee and are capable of both hook removal and crimping down extremely small barbs. You'll also find an integrated loop tightener located on the handle. With aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel used throughout, these hemostats weigh just 1.2 ounces at a length of 5.6 inches. Prices start at $125.00 for the black color with both solid and artistic color options available.


It wouldn't be an Abel without color options


New Finishes: Let's face it, Abel's finishes are just plain cool! Every so often they somehow seem to be able to improve upon what already looks pretty darn good to us, and this year is no different. New colors of note include the DeYoung Montana Brown Trout, 2013 Tarpon, Yamame, and 2013 Rainbow Trout. There is also a 25th anniversary DeYoung reel that features a charcoal style trout flank coloration and even comes in it's own wooden presentation box.


The 25th Anniversary DeYoung reel


Last but certainly not least, is the new Limited Edition Grateful Dead reel. Through a long-awaited partnership with Grateful Dead Productions and Rhino Entertainment, Abel now offers a limited number of 250 “Steal Your Face” reels. Available on any Super Series or Classic Series reel, they command a $300 premium over the cost of a standard black reel.


This piece needs no introduction


Prototype Sealed Drag Reels: One gripe we sometimes hear regarding Abel reels is why can't they offer a sealed drag system? Those complaints will surely subside, as Abel showcased their new prototype reels featuring a sealed drag system. Initially offered in 4N and 5N sizes, these are scheduled to launch in November at a price of $550 for the 4N, and $625 for the 5N. Jeff Patterson of Abel reels tells us to be on the lookout for 6N and 7/8N sizes coming in the spring time.


A first look at Abel's sealed drag prototype reel


Mooching Reel: Something totally different from Abel is a mooching reel that should grab the attention of serious salmon anglers. This model features the same cork drag system, large arbor, and precision machined aircraft aluminum throughout as the regular fly reel lineup.


Abel will soon offer a mooching reel


Other notable features include an aluminum-milled drag knob, counterbalanced double aluminum handles, proprietary full saltwater anodizing, new outgoing click mechanism, and the ability to customize. The mooching reel tips the scales at 14.5 ounces and is priced at $700. Spare spools are available for $350 each.


Jeff Patterson at Abel shows us all the new reels and finishes at the show


Conclusion: It's always fun to visit the Abel display at a sport fishing show. It's like being a kid in a candy store, with extreme quality and vibrant colors surrounding you. Combining their level of quality with the astounding finishes that are available, it's no wonder demand for their products doesn't seem to slow down. No matter how many fly reels are introduced into the market, Abel will always have that very special vibe surrounding everything they make!    









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