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John Crews' New Array of Missile Baits (continued)

Missile Craw: The Missile Craw is a punch style bait shaped like a missile to slide through vegetation and other obstructions when punching and flipping. It's a 4" bait with proportionately sized claws and is even an effective skipping bait.

If you can't blow it up with your cast, Crews recommends this Missile Craw.

Anglers are also skipping this bait under docks.

Drop Craw: The Drop Craw is a smaller, elongated version of the Missile Craw designed for finesse applications. It's a three inch bait and has been tested against the top three black bass species - largemouth, spots, and smallies - with great success. This is Crews' not so secret weapon as he describes it as being a very effective drop shot and Texas rigged bait.

What the Finesse? A drop shot craw?

That's exactly what Crews has in mind.

Tomahawk 8.75: Finally the Tomahawk is John's interpretation of the old big fish staple - a big plastic worm. This eight and three quarters inch bait has a unique, double tail enhancing action at even the slightest twitch. It features a ribbed body for added water displacement and can be fished in all traditional and non-traditional plastic worm techniques.

At first glance it looks like any other big worm.

But no, this worm features two tails!

Conclusion: Who'd have thought an angler traditionally known for his expertise in tossing cranks would start his own soft bait company. Considering this all began within the last year, we know exactly how it happened. John Crews has definitely been infected with Creature Fever and taken his malady to the extreme. We look forward to seeing and hearing more about Missile Baits in the near future!










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