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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Koppers exciting new freshwater lures includes a Killer Field Mouse


Date: 7/14/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Koppers
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: We can always count on Koppers to introduce new and exciting lures and this year was no different. The company is probably best known for their hardbaits but for two years in a row the company has now won Best of Show awards in the softbait category. We take a look at the new Koppers freshwater lures first, including the very realistic (and cute) Field Mouse.


Koppers introduces their first topwater mouse lure


Field Mouse: As with all their lures Koppers goes to great lengths to create a more realistic looking bait and their new "Field Mouse" topwater bait is just about the most realistic hollow bodied rat/mouse we have ever seen. This floating bait will be available in two sizes, 3" and 3 1/2" and is designed to target Bass and Pike in heavy cover. This weedless mouse can be skirted right across the water or in the hands of skilled topwater anglers can be walked side to side. Like hollow bodied frogs the Field Mouse is armed with a dual hook that is positioned alongside the body for extra weedlessness.


The details are exceptional, and while anglers may want to reach out and pet them Bass will no doubt view they as a tasty treat as they walk over the surface


The lure looks very realistic from just about every angler and the team at Koppers actually studied the behavior of mice and noticed they swim with their heads arched upwards, this is perfectly translated into the bait. This lure may look cute but bass that strike this bait are sure to get a rude awakening. There will be four patterns available including Brown/white, White/White, Grey/White, and Black/White and each bait will retail for $10.49 and become available this Fall. 


The new Squarebill Bluegill is designed to get in tight where the fish are


Squarebill Bluegill: Koppers also introduced a new addition to their Bluegill line with the Squarebill (flat-side) lures. These lures are designed to go exactly where the bluegills naturally are, close to structure. Juvenile fish prefer to hide near weeds, grass, or timber and the new squarebill can get into the thick of it without hanging up. There will be two sizes 2 3/8" and 2 3/4" and will retail for $12.99 each.


Koppers introduces new Trout jerkbaits...


Trout: There are a lot of swimbaits out there but there are not many hardbaits that realistically mimic trout. When you look at the Koppers Trout you might question just why the colors seem a little different. These lures are designed not to catch fishermen but really catch fish and feature patterns and sizes that look like "young of the year trout." 


...designed to mimic early stage trout Fry and Parr


Koppers distinguishes these baits in two different stages of their early lifecycle, the Fry and the Parr an matched these two forages nicely. The fry comes in a slow sinking model while the larger Parr is available in a shallow diving floating version. The Parr also features a weight transfer system for longer casts.  The lures are available in Rainbow and Brown Trout patterns and are fished like jerkbaits. These baits will vary in size from 2" to 4" and will retail for $11.99-$14.99 depending on size. 


New smaller Hollow Body Frogs for "finesse" froggin


Hollow Body Frog: Also new at the show is a miniature version of the company's popular Hollow Body Frog. This frog is only 1 3/4" in size and is designed for times when the fish just want something smaller or when it is critical to match the hatch. Like the previous frogs the mini version is extremely detailed and Koppers has also introduced new patterns including Fluorescent Green/Yellow, Brown/Fluorescent Yellow, Tan/Yellow, and Black/Yellow. These new smaller frogs will retail for $10.49 each.


The Crawfish get upgraded colors


Crawfish: One of Koppers original baits and most popular, the crawfish, gets an upgrade this year with a wide range of new colors/patterns. Both the lipless rattlebait and crankbait versions are now more realistic than they have ever been and are available in patterns that really allow anglers to match the prey in the water. Just some of the striking new colors are Red/Black, Brown/Blue, and Ghost/Green.


it is now easier than ever to match the hatch


These new colors are great for different types of water and I can already see California Delta bass gobbling up the Red/Black pattern like candy. These new patterns all retail for $12.99 each.


Tom Chopin shows us the Award Winning Koppers Field Mouse


Last year we talked to Pro Angler Byron Velvick about Kopper's freshwater baits and while Koppers had an extremely strong showing in freshwater they were not done there, not by a long shot. The company made a major push into saltwater as well and the new lures for salt feature all of the same detail and quality you expect out of the Koppers - Live Target brand. Stay tuned for more Koppers baits designed specifically for inshore, nearshore, and offshore applications.









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