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William Joseph's New Offerings to Keep You, Your Gear Dry and Safe (continued)

Flux (Waist pack and Stripping Basket): Anglers typically have way too much gear to carry with them on the water. When it comes to mobility, one less piece is ideal when possible and now anglers have that option if they have the new WJ Flux. The Flux is a fanny pack with a built-in stripping basket! No more carrying two separate items when you have the Flux. The Flux is 12" x 19" x 5" in dimension, weighs only 2.3 pounds, has 8 pockets, and 1100 ci in capacity and retails for only $119.95.


Here's what appears to be a normal waist pack


The Flux quickly turns into a stripping basket


Mag Series Bags: The Mag Series of bags and packs are truly innovative. These bags use WJ's Zip-No technology and as the name suggests, there are no zippers for the main compartments. Instead the Zip-No system utilizes rare earth magnets, which WJ have converted into rope-like strands that are actually sewn into place. The result is a watertight seal which closes exactly and perfectly under any condition every time.


The Mag Series of bags makes use of the Zip-No technology, magnets that make a perfect seal that's even waterproof


Using Zip-No means that you won't have to fuss around with corroded or dirty zippers anymore on your tackle bag/backpack. And what is really cool is that the sister company of hunting backpacks, Badlands, also uses the same technology. Bob, a serious bow hunter, explained that when reaching into a pocket for something during the hunt, zippers would be too noisy and can even scare the away game. With Zip-No one can close the pocket quickly and quietly.



The Mag Series consists of these four products:

  • Current - Chest pack - Retail Price: $89.95

  • Amp - Chest pack - Retail Price: $69.95

  • Surge - Fanny pack - Retail Price: $109.95

  • Conduit - Gear bag - Retail Price: $285.95

Waterproof Jackets: Every angler should have a waterproof jacket. No matter where you fish you're bound to run into situations where you will get wet. William Joseph has three great jackets ranging from heavy to mid-layer, to a lightweight rain jacket.


The Rain Jacket was the one that most caught our attention. This jacket is lightweight weighing in at only 14 ounces and very packs small in its own stuff sack. The Rain Jacket has waterproof zippers and fully taped seams. This particular jacket comes in the Moss color shown in the picture and in these sizes - M, L, XL, XXL. Retail price is only $89.00.


The lightweight Rain Jacket weighs only 14 ounces. Waterproof and breathable


RS2 Boots: No more felt soles is generally what the fly fishing industry is shooting for as felt can more easily hold and transfer invasive species from one body of water to the next. WJ answers by releasing this new RS2 wading boot.


Introducing the RS2 Boot, this one has been on the field for many months and was brought to ICAST to show its durability


The team at William Joseph have tried many combinations of tread patterns and rubber formulas to achieve the perfect "wear to grip ratio" for the RS2 boot. With the new RS2 boot you will get hundreds of river miles with traction that puts any felt sole we have tried to shame. This boot is also extremely light weight and utilizes state of the art materials, which dry quickly and will not seize up, like so many other boots on the market.


Pictured here is a RS2 Boot that has been field tested for many months. WJ brought it to the show to show anglers how this boot has held up over long term tests on the water. The RS2 Boot comes in sizes 9 to 14, one pattern as shown, and will retail for about $140.


A new pattern and material. No more felt soles


Conclusion: Who knew William Joseph offered so much more than just fly fishing pieces? The innovative wader with the safety bladder incorporated is a wonderful idea. The waterproof packs, bags, and dry bags are a treat especially the mini series for electronics like digital cameras and iPhone. Then you have the packs with the Zip-No technology that allows even quicker and easier access to your gear.  The WJ brand continues to grow in scale and popularity, and while they offer premium designed garments and bags the pricing on these pieces is considerably lower than some of their competitors. Anglers wanting these new products have to wait until Fall to get them, and like you we can't wait to see just how well this new gear will hold up. It looks like we have to schedule a few more trips to the Eastern Sierras this year!











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