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Date: 7/20/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: TightLines
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

With each passing year, science plays a bigger and bigger role in the tackle industry than ever before - or at least it’s becoming more obvious. Last year, we caught up with a new company using Nano-Infused Polymerization (NIP) Technology to give their products a visual edge over the competition. This year, this same company carries the technology a step further debuting a new, intricate, two color scheme into their baits rather than just enhancing the color that is already there. This year TightLines introduces us to UV Blood.



Ultraviolet rays from the sun penetrate deeper into the water column than that of any other wavelength. Fish are able to see this light and the deeper and deeper you get in the water column, the more this light takes effect. The human eye cannot detect the UV spectrum so a lot of the colors and reflections fish see underwater are invisible to us. Tightlines’ technology leverages this effect with the NIP technology in their baits but up until now, they were simply enhancing the color that was already in the baits making them more visible to fish.

Here is TightLines' beaver bait in UV Blood viewed by the naked eye ...


... and here it is with a blacklight to simulate what a fish will see underwater with the bait lit by UV light ... notice you can still see the original color as well.

This year, they’re carrying the technology a step further by introducing a different color to their baits highlighted by UV light - blood. So what appears like a perfectly normal bait to us with standard colorization, to the fish will now appear an injured, bloodied bait ready for the kill. The potential is exciting.


UV Blood is available in only two of their baits right now, but is sure to move through their entire product line in time.


Other exciting news for TightLines this year is their partnership with Nightfishion to develop the first UV light system used mount on the exterior of your boat for night fishing. Now, thanks to their new UV LED light strips, you can illuminate your TightLines baits in the water during the night without spooking big fish. Normal lights bounce off the surface of the water creating glare. These UV LED light strips penetrate straight into the water helping fish see your baits for better effectiveness at night!


Byron Velvick and Brett Ware discuss the product for TT's audience.


The TightLines Team at ICAST 2010.


Conclusion: UV Blood is being introduced in TightLine’s soft plastic beaver and finesse worm baits for now, but look for possible extension of this color line to other baits in the very near future. The UV LED light strips by TightLines and NightFishion are pending availability.










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