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Date: 8/18/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: StrikePro
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Strike Pro introduces a number of new lures, most interesting of which is the new "Trailer" which features a bleeding action. In addition to new lures the company also introduces new lines under their Strike Wire series.




Billy Howell shows us the Strike Wire braided line


Strike Wire: Strike Pro is best known for their fishing lures but the company also has a complete range of line offerings ranging from monofilament to braid. These application specific lines are designed to be both durable and sensitive. Strike Wire Extreme is a high power tight braided superline that is braided from CWC. This line is ideal for vertical jigging applications and delivers long lasting durability, abrasion resistance and overall toughness.


Strike Wire Ice Braid is specially formulated for cold conditions and resists ice build up


The company also offers Strike Wire Ice Braid which is specially engineered to perform in extreme cold conditions. Not only is it super strong but it is also formulated to resist ice build up and is ideal for vertical ice fishing applications where power and control are vital. Ice Braid is available in grey 30 meter spools.


The Reaction baits are bio-degradable and pheromone infused


Reaction Baits: In addition to their robust lineup of hardbaits Strike Pro is also branching out into soft baits. The Reaction Baits recently won best "Soft Plastic Style" bait at the EFFTEX show in Europe. What makes these soft baits so interesting is that they are not actually plastics and are actually 100% biodegradable and eco friendly. These baits actually can be digested by fish and will dissolve in open water. For added attraction the baits are actually soaked in pheromone formula and scent. After use these baits can be recharged by simply putting them back in the original resalable pack. These baits are sold 6 per pack and we fund them online for $9.95 per pack.


The Trailer may look like a traditional hardbait...


Trailer: Strike Pro has never been afraid to design lures outside of the box and the new "Trailer" blows the top right off the mold. This new lure features a bleeding design, that's right the lure actually bleeds scent.


...but the chamber underneath says otherwise


This chamber holds a cartridge...


This lure has a ICS (Internal Scent Chamber) that is located under the gill of the lure. In this chamber a cartridge can hold a Strike Pro Scent Cookie that slowly dissolves after contact with the water.


...which holds a bleeding scent cookie in place


As the lure is retrieved a scent trail attracts fish to take the bait aggressively. The scent "bleed" is actually visual and can actually be seen when the lure is at rest. The ISC can be removed with the bundled tool or carefully by hand.


The lure bleeds as it suspends and will leave a scent trail when retrieved


The Trailer will be available in two sizes 10cm and 15cm weighing 5/8oz. and 2 1/16oz. respectively. Pricing for the bait and the extra scent cookies have not yet been disclosed.


Strike Pro is known for their quality finishes


Conclusion: Strike Pro has proven that they are able to build lures with some quality finishes as well as innovative designs. The company's flex lures with their "bicycle chain" joint system combines the realistic action of a soft lure with the durability of a hard one. This season the company adds the added element of scent to a hard plastic with the cleverly designed Trailer. Will it incite a feeding frenzy?











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