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New and Exciting Abu Garcia Reels Using NanoShield Technology and an Iaconelli Morrum (continued)

Orra SX Casting: Near one hundred dollar reels continue to be popular especially when the reel offers more than what the humble price point normally delivers. The Orra SX low profile casting reel retails for only $99.95 and the demand for this product has been excellent, so good in fact that because of its popularity Abu Garcia is introducing a left hand retrieve and a high speed model of this great value reel.


Model Frame Bearings Line Capacity (yds/lb) Weight
Drag Brake Gear Ratio MSRP
Orra SX and SX-L Aluminum 7 + 1 145/12 (mono)
130/30 (braid)
8.7 Power Disk Pitch Centrifugal 6.4:1 $99.95
Orra SX-HS Aluminum 7 + 1 145/12 (mono)
130/30 (braid)
8.7 Power Disk Pitch Centrifugal 7.1:1 $99.95


The low profile Orra SX is loaded with features anglers rely on. The one piece aluminum frame and graphite sideplates are lightweight with an ergonomic design for easy casting and enhanced control while fighting the fish. The reel uses 7 + 1 bearings for smoother retrieves and longer casts. The Orra SX casting reel makes use of the Pitch Centrifugal Brake system which provides better cast control, reducing backlashes whether pitching short distances or going for the distant cast. The brake system has six braking blocks that can be adjusted per the angler's liking. Three of the six blocks are spring loaded which serves as spool control at the beginning of a cast. The other three aren't spring loaded and function through the cast or when the spool is not under high revolutions such as short distance pitching.


Introducing the new left handed Orra SX and a right handed High Speed Orra SX


Other features that come in this sub $100 dollar reel is the use of a Power Disk Drag system, Duragear brass gears, and an oversized main gear. The Orra SX weighs in at 8.7 ounces and will have a speed ratio of 6.4:1 and 7.1:1. Unfortunately if you wanted a high speed left handed Orra SX, that's not currently available, at least not this year. You can get a right handed high speed model or the 6.4:1 ratio in both right and left handed retrieve. The Orra SX will retail for only $99.95 and the two new models will be available this September.


Here's the new Orra Inshore


Orra Inshore Casting: Take the low cost popular freshwater version of the Orra SX and pimp it up for saltwater inshore use, you will end up with the new Orra Inshore low profile casting reel. The reel is specifically designed for shallow water saltwater anglers which offers performance, reliability and value in one complete package.


Unlike the Orra SX the Orra Inshore uses X-Craftic Alloy for the frame


Model Frame Bearings Line Capacity (yds/lb) Weight
Drag Brake Gear Ratio MSRP
Orra Inshore One-piece X-Craftic Alloy 6 HPCR + 1 175/12 (mono)
160/30 (braid)
8.8 Carbon Matrix Hybrid Pitch Centrifugal 6.4:1 $149.95


Unlike the Orra SX, the Orra Inshore is built on a one-piece X-Craftic allow frame and uses 6 HPCR stainless steel bearings and a corrosion resistant anti-reverse bearing. It also houses the popular and smooth Carbon Matrix Hybrid Drag system which provides up to 15 pounds of drag pressure.


A similar spool to the popular Revo Inshore


Additional features you will find is the Pitch Centrifugal Brake cast control system, brass Duragear, and a one piece aluminum spool which resembles the one used on the Revo Inshore casting reel. With that said this new model is the only one available right now with a 6.4:1 gear ratio. Perhaps in the near future we will be seeing introductions of a high speed and perhaps even a lower speed of the Orra Inshore. Again, pack this reel with high performing components you can expect a price of $149.95 when it becomes available to anglers in September 2010.


Introducing the Ambassadeur Alphamar


Ambassadeur Alphamar Round Reel: The new Alphamar® offers precision and cutting edge design in a durable reel worthy of the Abu Garcia name. Constructed with large salt and fresh water species in mind, the Alphamar is built to exceed the needs of saltwater anglers and those pursing large fresh water species like muskie and pike.


Great valued reel with high performance

Corrosion resistance and reliable performance in challenging environments
were two key considerations by Abu Garcia engineers when developing the Alphamar. The one-piece X-Cräftic™ alloy frame provides saltwater protection. The Carbon Matrix™ Drag gives the angler a huge range of drag settings up to 27 pounds.


Model Frame Bearings Line Capacity (yds/lb) Weight
Drag Drag Force Max
Gear Ratio MSRP
Alphamar 12 One-piece X-Craftic Alloy 3 HPCR + 1 290/17 (mono)
490/30 (braid)
17.7 Carbon Matrix 27 4.3:1 $149.95
Alphamar 16 One-piece X-Craftic Alloy 3 HPCR + 1 335/17 (mono)
570/30 (braid)
18.0 Carbon Matrix 27 4.3:1 $149.95
Alphamar 20 One-piece X-Craftic Alloy 3 HPCR + 1 430/17 (mono)
730/30 (braid)
18.6 Carbon Matrix 27 4.3:1 $159.95


Additional quality features include Duragear™ brass gears, anti-distortion spool design for fighting heavy fish, three HPCR® (High Performance Corrosion Resistant) stainless steel bearings with a corrosion resistant IAR bearing, synchronized levelwind and dual anti-reverse.


A low, powerful gear ratio of 4.3:1

The Alphamar is offered in three models, each with a gear ratio of 4.3:1 spooling 26.6 inches of line with each turn of the handle. The Alphamar 12 weighs 17.7 ounces and can hold 290 yards of 17-pound test monofilament or 490 yards of 30-pound test braid. The Alphamar 16 weighs 18.0 ounces with a spool capacity of 335 yards of 17-pound mono or 570 yards of 30-pound braid. The large Alphamar 20 weighs 18.6 ounces and can hold 430 yards of 17-pound mono or 730 yards of 30-pound braid.


Another look of the new Alphamar

Available in right hand retrieve only, the Abu Garcia Alphamar has an MSRP of $149.95 for the 12 and 16 models, $159.95 for the 20. Availability is September 2010.


Conclusion: Abu Garcia hasn't slowed down a bit since the introduction of that first Revo casting reel, if anything the momentum for the brand is only ramping. The team continues to introduce new and exciting tackle offerings year after year. This year the NanoShield Technology looks like a home run, the technology plain works. Just by coating something that was previously weak with NanoShield can improve the object's strength 300% stronger than graphite. Then there are the value reels  and the tease about the Mike Iaconelli Morrums was just too much. (Please Abu bring that reel stateside!) A great showing from a strong team with impressive new products introduced this year at ICAST.











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