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Alumina: Next in the Okuma new lineup is the Alumina which also features a diecast aluminum frame and machined aluminum spool. This reel is the slightly de-tuned version of the Citrix and comes with 5BB+1RB. It shares the same profile as the Citrix but has a less aggressive silver and blue finish. Unlike the Citrix the Alumina is available in only one gear ratio, an ultra fast 7.3:1 but it weighs exactly the same as the Citrix at 8.4oz.


The Alumina shares the same profile with the Citrix


Another major difference is that the Alumina makes use of two cast control systems, an externally adjustable magnetic cast control and internal 8 position velocity control system under the sideplate. The combination of the two helps regulate spool speed both at the beginning and end of the cast. So why is this dual system employed on the lower end Alumina and not the more expensive Citrix?


The Alumina has 5BB+1RB and is a fast with a 7.3:1 gear ratio


The answer is the target user, Okuma feels that more experienced casters will want maximum casting distance and are able to better thumb the spool while more mainstream anglers will want the additional backlash protection.


Unlike the Citrix the Alumina has both a externally adjustable magnetic cast control and an internal centrifugal system


Like the Citrix the Alumina comes backed with a one year warranty and will retail for 20 dollars less than the Citrix at only $99.99. While this reel is already quite affordable Okuma wanted to extend their new line with even more aggressively priced reels, enter the Calera.


One step down is the all graphite Calera


Calera: The Calera has a similar profile to both the Citrix and Alumina and it is obvious there is some shared tooling between all the new Okuma reels, still it is easily distinguishable with the slightly less aggressively styled frame and different porting on top. 


The Calera has a different frame but a very similar overall profile to the Citrix and Alumina


The Calera actually weighs in lighter than the Citrix and Alumina reels at 8.2oz. and the reason is due to the use of a graphite frame versus aluminum. The spool is still machined aluminum and the reel is not as smooth as the others with only 4BB+1RB.


The Calera has the same two cast control systems as the Alumina


Like the Alumina the Calera features a dual cast control system that is both magnetic and centrifugal. The Calera comes in a mid range 6.6:1 gear ratio and is available in both right and left hand retrieves and retails for only $79.99. Though it is 20 dollars cheaper than the Alumina we feel the Alumina is still the better deal due to the increased bearing count and aluminum frame implementation.


The Tormenta is all about value and retails for only 59.99


Tormenta: Finally we reach the value reel in the new lineup, the Tormenta. The Tormenta shares the same profile and frame as the Calera but with a black and grey finish, the spool is machined aluminum like the other reels but has no porting. The same goes for the metal handle which is much more plain and features no porting or bends to bring it closer to the reel's frame. The Tormenta gets by with only 2BB + 1RB and only has the magnetic cast control system. Because the reel makes use of even less alloy components it is actually the lightest of the four, weighing in at a flat 80z. This reel is all about bang for the buck and will retail for the extremely aggressive price of only $59.99!


The Tormenta has a single externally adjustable magnetic cast control system


Conclusion: While Okuma has long been known for their spinning and round reels it wasn't too long ago that Okuma was an afterthought when it came to low profile baitcasters. The Serrano changed all that, and while it wasn't perfect it was a LOT of reel for the money. Okuma does it yet again with the introduction of the Citrix and its siblings. These reels look good, feel smooth and are priced right. The fact that the highest end of the four, the Citrix reel and accompanying Citrix rod together retail for less than 250 dollars (pre-tax) is mind boggling when you consider many reels with similar feature sets retail for 200 dollars by themselves. Things sure can change fast in this industry.












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