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ICAST 2010 Coverage

Some Premium Fishing Lines from ICAST 2010


Date: 7/25/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lake Fork, Sunline, Toray
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

With all the new lures, rods, reels, accessories and other fishing related items at ICAST each year, the one product that is difficult to get excited over is fishing line. Perhaps because this is one of the most difficult products to actually see and feel a difference in without putting it on your reel and fishing it. Nevertheless, each and every year, fishing line is a big part of ICAST introductions and while many larger manufacturers continue to introduce their own interpretations, there remain a couple of companies who specialize in lines.




Lake Fork / Advancium Tech: We met up with Scott Martin over at the Lake Fork Trophy Lures booth where he showed us this company’s latest venture. Partnering with Advancium Technologies out of France, Lake Fork Trophy Lures is getting set to introduce series of fishing lines including a 3 core fluorocarbon for better knot strength and their own interpretation of braided line.


A sneak peak at Lake Fork's new braided line.


Advancium Technologies leverages their three core Fluorocarbon extruding process to produce this line for Lake Fork.


Frederic Parrier of Advancium Technologies and Professional Bass Fisherman Scott Martin.

Sunline: New for Sunline this year will be an 8 strand braided line developed specifically for frogging and flipping. Formerly only available in Japan or direct to their pro-staff, Sunline recognized the need for a premium superline to round out their offering. Exact details of availability and pricing for their new FX2 Braid are still up in the air but expect to see this new product sometime this fall or early in 2011.

Sunline's new 8 carrier braided line.


Formerly only available to prostaff, Sunline brings this line officially to the US market.


Jimmy Okamoto and Jun Nakazaki of Sunline Japan.

Toray/Blackwater: Blackwater International, distributors of Toray in North America, are finally, officially bringing over Toray’s top end fluorocarbon line, Superhard Premium-Plus Hi Grade. We’ve been using this line on and off for a couple of years now and up until now, it was only available through a few select shops that were in the know. Reason being? One 100m spool of Premium-Plus Hi Grade runs at right around $40! Very premium indeed and great stuff for hardcore anglers looking for both excellent stealth and sensitivity.

Blackwater is now officially bringing over Toray's top end fluorocarbon.


Top shot demonstrations at the Blackwater booth.


The Premium Plus Hi-Grade (right) is even MORE premium than SuperHard Upgrade (left).


Kurt Dove of Blackwater / Toray


Conclusion: Fishing line may not be the most exciting or the most distinguished product to see at ICAST, but there’s no questioning the vital role it plays in our fishing arsenal. It is literally, our connection to the fish. It’s clear fluorocarbon and braided line continue to dominate the market, and by the looks of it, this trend will continue for quite some time.









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