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ICAST 2010 Coverage

Jackall unveils new hard and soft lures with "I-Motion" Technology


Date: 7/17/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Jackall has had a busy year and continues to introduce new baits, both hard and soft, that exhibit both interesting features and quality finishes. We caught up with the team at Jackall including Pro BASS Angler Jared Lintner to check out the latest from the Japanese manufacturer.




Soul Shad 68SP: Jackall kicked things off with a new crankbait called the SoulShad which is designed to imitate shad baitfish. The lure makes use of a magnetic weight moving system that helps make this a very good casting bait and when retrieved the system holds the weight in place so that even with faster retrieve speeds it is able to stay straight up.


The SoulShad is designed to imitate shad and makes use of a magnetic weight moving system


This bait is 2.7" in length and weighs 9.4oz., it is designed for situations when bass are seeking schooling shad baitfish. There are seven different patterns, most of which are shad but there also crawfish patterns as well. The SoulShad will retail for 14.99 when introduced.


The Bling 55 is a flat sided crankbait with a fiberglass lip and the magnetic weight moving system


Bling 55: The Bling 55 also makes use of Jackall's magnetic weight moving system and is a flat sides crankbait with a fiberglass bill to grab more water and create a faster and quicker wobbling action. Flat sided crankbaits like the Bling 55 have more surface area on the sides and can create a unique flash in the water to attract more fish.


In the swimming mode a magnet holds the weights in the center for a more stable action


The magnetic casting system is designed to allow the lure to cast further than the competition, allowing anglers to cover more water which helps make the Bling 55 a great fish searching tool. The Bling 55 is named as such because it is 55mm in length (or 2.3inches) and the lure weighs in at 5/16oz. Like the SoulShad the Bling 55 will retail for $14.99 a piece.




Seira Minnow 80S: Straight out of Japan the Seira Minnow 80S makes use of a technique called I-Motion. This was kept secret by a select few until Jackall specifically designed a lure that employs this concept. All you have to do is point your rod tip straight towards the water and impart no action to the lure, the lure will do the rest.


Curt Arakawa explains how the Seira Minnow works


When baitfish are threatened they flee in a straight line, the Seira Minnow acts the same way to cause bass to feel like they are easy prey. Even the treble hook is wrapped and specially designed to add to the unique action.


A look at the many patterns


I Shad: If you prefer fishing plastics Jackall also has a softbait for the I-Motion technique. The I Shad has a bulge in the end of its tail to keep it stable and a split tail design to create small vibrations in the water. The lure is injected with two different salt compositions and the top side is infused with less salt than the bottom making it heavier on the bottom for more stable swimming.



It is rigged with a Nose Jig Head which Jackall also introduced at the show. This jig is 1/16oz. or 1/13oz. and features a tungsten head and weedguard.  



Conclusion: All of the new Jackall lures will be available in the October timeframe and we think quite a few anglers will be eagerly anticipating these new lures. The good thing about Jackall is that they are experts in both hard and softbaits and the attention to detail can be seen in both. The Seira Minnow and I shad are a great example of the same technology and design translates into twp completely different materials. Both are designed with I-Motion for an extremely stable swimming pattern.  










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