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Date: 7/18/10
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Disabled Boat Flags
Reviewer: Leo

Introduction: We all think we are going to start the big motor on the first turn of the key every time. However, in reality no matter how much we maintain our boat, are careful with it and how great our motor manufacturer is stuff happens on the water!  Batteries die, props get spun, heck we even run out of gas on occasion and there are countless other things that can go wrong. I hate bringing it up, but in the effort of keeping prepared for these types of things happen.


It seems so simple yet this product can be one of the most important in your boat if your in distress


Now once you turn your key and the motor doesnít start and you go through everything that could possibly fix it what do you do?  Well, for most of us we flag down another boater to get some assistance.  So you start waiving at the boats as they whiz by you at 60 to 70 mph and some even wave back and others donít even notice you. Well, thereís finally an answer to that problem. The new disabled boat flag will serve as a way to notify boaters in close proximity that you are disabled and may need some help. Using the attached Velcro straps allow you to secure it to your light post or even to a fishing rod.


An example of the disabled boat flag installed on a light pole of a bass boat


Once you are safely aboard another anglers boat and off to get some help, the flag can be left on the boat to notify other anglers coming across your boat.  This is very important because finding a floating or beached boat with no anglers in it causes some people (most importantly the Coast Guard or Sheriff boats) some anxiety. Are the anglerís overboard or simply why is this boat abandoned? The disabled boat flag will notify them that things are ok and you are headed for some help.


Conclusion: Sure, we all like to believe we arenít going to have problems on the water but, inevitably it will happen to each of us at some point. Being prepared for such instances can really alleviate a miserable day stranded on the water.  There is a short list of things beyond what the coast guard requires that should be in each of our boats at all times even if we hope we donít need them. A tool set, jumper cables, a tow rope, tie down ropes, a prop wrench, a first aid kit, duck tape, electrical tape, zip ties and now the Disabled Boat Flag.  We hope you never need it, but if you do it could save you time, energy and anxiety for others stumbling across your empty disabled boat. 


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