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Daiwa’s unveils new saltwater reels at ICAST, including an addition to the Saltiga lineup


There will be a total of five hyper speed (single speed models) ranging from a 20 to 50 size and these reels will retail for $409.95 to $469.95 depending on size and model. The two speed reels will all offer a 6.3:1 high speed ratio and a 3.1:1 low speed ratio, there will also be five models available ranging in the same 20-50 sizes and these reels will retail for a little more at $439.95 to $499.95.


For anglers looking for a powerful reel at a reasonable price Daiwa introduces the new Saltist Black Gold


Saltist BG: Also new this season are the affordable Saltist Black Gold conventional reels which feature a simple straightforward design for reliability and performance. These new reels incorporate Daiwa's most popular durability and performance features, starting with a solid, one-piece frame and side plates that hold the working mechanism firmly in alignment under heavy loads.  This is a key factor for minimizing wear and maximizing winding power.  Its efficiency allows use of higher gear ratios, up to 6.4 to 1, that wind in up to 48" of line with every crank.


The handle grip on the Saltist BG


The Saltist Black Gold Reels feature a protective hard anodized finish for durability and a machined aluminum spool as well as the company’s “Ultimate Tournament” carbon drag. There will be five models available ranging in size from 20-50 and the gear ratios for the smaller 20 and 30 sizes will be 6.1:1 while the larger reels will feature a 6.4:1 ratio. The new Saltist BG reels will retail for a very reasonable $179.95 to $209.95 each depending on size.


Anglers that want an ultrafast reel will like the new Saltist LD which comes in blazing 7.1:1 or 7.3:1 ratios


Saltist Hyper Speed Lever Drag Reels: For those anglers looking for an affordable yet high performance ultra fast saltwater reel to toss jigs Daiwa is also introducing new Saltist Hyper Speed Lever Drag reels which are capable of burning up to 52” of line with every crank. With a 7.3:1 retrieve ratio on the smaller sizes these reels are some of the fastest lever drag reels of their kind and are designed for triggering jig strikes from fast moving predators. Models include a new 35 size reel with a narrow frame and tall, narrow spool.  Because it makes manually level winding the line easier than with wider reels, it is ideal for tossing lures and working them with a fast retrieve.


These reels come with a round "speed knob"


The Saltist Hyper Speed Lever Drag reels are easily identifiable versus other Saltist reels with their contrasting black and red finish. (The red was probably chosen to signify the burning speed). Other reel features include eight CRBB bearings, precision stainless steel gears hat are helical cut for smooth and powerful winding and the UTD drag with up to 26lbs. of drag pressure.


Ready for a "Hybrid" solar/battery line counter reel?


The reels felt very solid thanks to the aluminum frame and left side plate which are constructed from one solid piece and the spool is also machined for refinement. Like the other Saltist reels there will be five sizes available ranging from 20-50 and these reels are still considered affordable, especially when you consider the feature-set and build quality, with prices ranging from $239.95 to $299.95.


The side of the Accudepth makes room for the counter and battery


Digital ICV Line Counter Reels: Daiwa has always been on the forefront of electronic reels and this season they are introducing three digital readout line counter reels that measure line let out in feet. Perhaps most interesting (depending on how you look at it) is the larger of the three reels which features a solar/battery hybrid. The ADICV25W makes use of a unique photovoltaic technology that combines solar cells with a conventional lithium-ion battery to efficiently power the reel's electronics. With reasonable sunlight, solar cells assist the battery, minimizing current drain and extending its life. In low light conditions, the battery takes over to power the system. The result is an innovative, eco-friendly system which reminds us of the latest crop of hybrid vehicles and is able to operate any time of day, under any weather conditions. 


The Accudepth ADICV25W combines solar cells with a conventional lithium-ion battery to efficiently power the reel's electronics


The reel's line capacity makes it perfect for a wide variety of trolling and jigging applications where knowing exactly how much line is out can keep you in the strike zone.


Daiwa's new Accudepth line is color coded for easy identification


Accudepth Line: for anglers that don’t have a digital line counter like those found on the ICV reels Daiwa offers the new Accudepth line which is a color coded braided line designed to help you accurately measure the length of line you let out when trolling or deep jigging. Every 10 yards, the line changes color with narrow, yellow markings every yard.


Even the line holder is engineered, by pressing on one side of the inner spool t creates tension on the spool allowing for perfect spool ups in the field 


An added bonus is the color markings show at a glance when line is being pulled from the spool which is handy when a boat's engine noise drowns out the sound of the spool click. Like Daiwa's other braided lines, Accudepth line is woven from eight individual strands.  The result is an extremely smooth and supple line, finer in diameter than most equivalent braid tests, it also breaks accurately at its rated breaking strength, a must for those seeking record fish. For convenience in filling your reel, Accudepth comes in a Fast Spool package that helps you tightly wind line onto your spool. Accudepth comes in 300 yard spools, in tests ranging from 15 to 80 lb. MSRP runs from $49.95 to $76.95.











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