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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Show - Orlando, FL

A Trio of Ultra Premium, Ultra Enthusiast Products (continued)

Gan Craft: Fans of Gan Craft have been clamoring for this aggressive company to make it over to US shores for several years. While we were sad to see the fishing rods were not in the booth (Gan Craft has no intentions of bringing their rods to North America at this time), we were at least happy to see their full selection of baits being introduced to our shores.


The Jointed Claw is Gan Craft's signature bait.


Finishes are superb on all Gan Craft hard baits.


On hand to walk us through the baits, after exchanging pleasantries with Ish Monroe, was Kotaro Kake, and the first bait we wanted to see was the Jointed Claw. There are three models of this bait, the Jointed Claw 178 floating ($100), 178 slow sinking ($100), 148 slow sinking ($93), and the Magnum, a 4 ounce bait that will retail for $165. The Magnum was not on hand for an introduction.


Remind you of a Devil's Horse?


Perhaps, but the Screw Bait is a sinking lure!


A rather interesting looking bait in the Gan Craft display case was the Screw Bait. This is a 110mm sinking stick bait with a prop on either end similar to an old Devil's Horse, but again, this is a sinking bait not a topwater bait. Retailing for $72, it comes in three different sink rates. There is also a 130mm size for $92.50 and also in three different sink rates. A very intriguing bait to say the least.


Not to be left out of the soft plastic swimbait market, Gan Craft offers a soft plastic version of their Jointed Claw.


The Shape-S will be available in 14 different colors.


Kotaro recommends fishing this bait on a snap for maximum movement.


Last but not least, Kotaro highlighted for us the Jointed Claw Shape-S soft plastic swimbait with accompanying Shape-S Hook. This is a soft plastic version of the Jointed Claw that Kotaro recommends fishing on a snap to increase the darting and swimming action of the bait. They will come in packs of 4 in fourteen (14) different colors and retail for $22.50. The accompanying Shape-S weighted hooks retail for $13 a pack.


Kotaro Kake (left) and Sotashi Yamana (right) of Gan Craft and Fish Arrow respectively, show us their familiar products from overseas.


Conclusion: Looks like there are exciting times ahead thanks to Uoya. The three companies highlighted here all make quality products, but aren't for the faint of wallet. These are true Enthusiast Tackle products and should the Gan Craft rods make it to shore, there's sure to be a feeding frenzy whatever the economic conditions are at the time for one thing is certain with purveyors of Enthusiast Tackle - we know no sensibilities.










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