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Sebile mixes it up with the new Magic Swimmer Soft Pro and Spin Shad (continued)

To make rigging easier there is a hook slot through the lure. The finishes on the Soft Pro lures look great and there are both solid and translucent patterns. There will be two sizes available and the lures are designed to be fished in both fresh and salt water.

A closer look at the head of the Soft Pro, notice the trademark Sebile logo

Spin Shad: Taking home a win in the hard lure category was the Sebile Sin Shad. The spin shad is basically a lipless crankbait and a spinner all combined into one. The lure is designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish, or even a school of baitfish. The main body looks like s small crankbait but the minute we picked it up we noticed how heavy this little compact bait was. The lure is made out of Bismuth, a heavy alloy metal and the lure is finished with a very detailed reflective surface treatment that helps give the lure a more realistic profile as well as added flash in the water.

The Spin Shad is designed to offer the best attributes of a lipless crankbait and a spinner all in one

Behind the lure’s main body is a blade that mimics the body in profile and design. It looks like a tail or even a second schooling fish behind the slightly larger molded body. This blade is mounted on an in line swivel that allows the blade to spin at all retrieve speeds. We asked Patrick Sebile to demonstrate the action of the lure and sure enough the blade would spin the second the lure was retrieved. There are a number of ways to fish this lure including straight retrieve, retrieve and pause as well as jigging. When the lure is jigged it actually jumps up and down while the blade flutters enticingly behind it.

The Spin Shad features a blade with the same profile as the main body of the lure

The Spin Shad comes armed with a belly hook and a second hook behind the rear blade much like a traditional inline spinner. The bait will be available in the next few months in two different sizes, these are 3/4oz. and 1 1/4oz. and there will be six patterns in total.

A look at the top of the lure and the back of the blade. The unique blade is designed to rotate at any speed

Conclusion: Patrick Sebile knows how to catch fish, and holds an impressive number of world records, and it is no surprise that he knows how to build quality baits. The Magic Swimmer Soft Pro and Spin Shad both offer anglers new products that give anglers more freedom in which to approach different applications. The Magic Swimmer Soft Pro now gives anglers a weedless version of the popular hardbait, and the adjustable tungsten weights allow anglers to get really creative. The Spin-Shad on the other hand blends two types of lures together into a new crankbait-spinner hybrid that can be used at a wide range of depths. Congratulations to Sebile for a strong showing in both hard and soft bait categories.










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