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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Coverage

St. Croix Has Rods for Everyone Including the Ladies

Date: 7/16/09
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: St. Croix Rods
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: With a full assortment of high performance rods, ranging from affordable to premium, St. Croix still has it in them to release four new models of rods and releases additional models in other popular series. One of them is a higher end rod for lady anglers.


Introducing a high end rod for lady anglers, the St. Croix Avid Pearl


Avid Pearl Rods: In the past few years we've seen an increase amount of rods being introduced for lady anglers but those are all extremely low quality and frankly, not very attractive. Here's where St. Croix comes in. They are releasing a whole new series for this specific market called Avid Pearl that gives female anglers a better, higher end rod to fish with.


The Avid Pearl gets quality components. All woman anglers deserve a quality rod to fish with


The new female angler series of avid rods are premium quality, advanced-performance casting and spinning rods designed on St. Croix's SCIII graphite blank with their Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) technology. These rods also feature grips designed to fit a woman's smaller hand. It has decorative, pearlescent, abalone reel seat inserts and an attractive and durable "Fucia Metallic" finish. Slim-profile ferrules (on two piece rods) and Alps Zirconium guides featuring 316 stainless steel frames help the Avid Pearl rods perform as well as they look. Premium Fuji reel seats, split-grip handles with select-grade cork, and two coats of Flex Coat slow curing finish on the wraps round out the most advanced rod series ever developed for lady anglers who take their tackle as seriously as their fishing.


Avid Pearl comes in a very attractive Fucia Metallic finish


The Avid Pearl series has 10 technique and species specific actions designed for bass, walleye, or panfish. The rods are handcrafted in the USA, backed by a lifetime limited warranty, and retail price ranging from $160 to $190. The new Avid Pearl rods will be made available in September 2009.


We are talking crazy detailed, the rods have real abalone incorporated into the design. The reel seat and handles are designed smaller for female anglers


Legend Elite Salmon & Steelhead Rods: St. Croix's top of the line Legend Elite Salmon and Steelhead casting and spinning rods employ the most advanced engineering and graphite obtained to deliver the ultimate in lightweight, ultra-sensitive, super-strong performance. The new series uses St. Croix's proprietary IPC tooling technology which allows their rod designers to create continuous curve tapers, avoiding the inherently weak spots found at the junction points of traditional straight-line compound taper blanks. The result is a lighter, stronger, and more sensitive blank that smoothly stores and releases energy as the rod is loaded and unloaded. Not only that, their Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART) is also used to these rods for greater performance.


Salmon and Steelhead anglers, meet the Legend Elite Salmon and Steelhead rod series

Each Legend Elite Salmon and Steelhead rod features SCV graphite that's matched with the finest components including Fuji SiC Concept Guide System with Titanium-coated frames, Fuji VSS and ACS reel seats with frosted silver hoods, a machined aluminum wind check and super-grade cork grips. The wraps are protected by two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.


The Legend Elite uses the best components and technologies to build the rod


19 models total the Legend Elite Salmon and Steelhead rods are protected by a lifetime limited warranty back by St. Croix Superstar Service. They fine rods are all handcrafted in the USA with a retail price ranging from $370 to $400. These new rods are available September.


Avid Salmon & Steelhead - 5 New Rods: St. Croix is expanding their popular line of Avid Salmon and Steelhead rods. Adding 5 new models, the series now tops out at 37 different rods for those demanding anglers targeting salmon and steelhead. Here are the additions:

10' 6" Noodle Rod: Rated for 2 to 6 lb test line (AVS106ULS2)


11' Float Rod: Designed specifically for float fishing (AVS110LM2)


13' and 15' Center Pin Rods: Developed for the increasingly popular center pin reels (AVS130MLM2 and AVS150MLM3)


10' 6" Salmon casting rod for fishing herring (AVC106HM2)


New specific action rods are introduced in the Avid Salmon and Steelhead series


The Avid Salmon and Steelhead rods will retail from $220 to $300 and available September.


Mojo Bass - 2 New Rods: The Mojo Bass rods are so popular retailers can't keep these rods in stock. This series was first introduced last year at ICAST as St. Croix's high-performing technique specific budget sticks. This year at ICAST they are introducing two new models making it a total of 14 rods.


Extremely popular and in high demand, the Mojo Bass rod family grows by two


6' 8" medium power, extra fast action casting rod (MBC68MXF) for topwater baits


7' medium heavy power, fast action spinning rod (MBS70MHF) appropriately labeled the "Power Spin."


Mojo Bass Power Spin and Topwater rods


Built from premium-quality SCII graphite with a hot “Black Cherry Metallic” finish, and outfitted with Batson Forecast hard aluminum-oxide guides with double-plated black chrome frames, the Mojo Bass will turn as many heads as they do fish. With Fuji ECS reel seats and a black hood on casting models and Fuji DPS reel seats with black hoods on spinning models, they feature contemporary split-grip handles with premium-quality cork, so the St. Croix Mojo’s look as great as they cast. Finished with two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish, and handcrafted in St. Croix’s new manufacturing facility in Fresnillo, Mexico, the Mojo Bass rods are covered by a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Retail prices range from $100-$130 and available September.


ICAST 2009 the Mojo Surf series is born


Mojo Surf Rods: First the Mojo Bass rods and now St. Croix is introducing another line of high-performing yet affordable rods, the Mojo Surf. Designed and build for hardcore surf anglers who fish in the most extreme conditions, the Mojo Surf rods deliver rugged durability and strength with the latest features and components.


Like the Mojo Bass, the Mojo Surf is a great value but have quality components and high-performing


They're built from the same graphite and feature the same finish as the other Mojo sticks, but are outfitted with special, weight-saving surf guides featuring zirconium rings for greater casting distances and sloped frames to reduce line tangling. With Fuji DPS reel seats and black hoods matched to a custom “X-Wrap” handle for comfort, durability and style, the new Mojo Surf rods look as great as they cast. The Mojo Surf rods are covered by a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Available September, it will retail from $140 -$280.


Rio Santo Fly Rods: Beginning and intermediate fly anglers now have an alternative to imports from Asia: the all new St. Croix Rio Santo. Designed and engineered in Park Falls, and handcrafted in St. Croix’s new manufacturing facility in Fresnillo, Mexico, the Rio Santo delivers all the quality and casting performance you’d expect from a St. Croix, at very affordable retail prices.


Introducing the very affordable St. Croix Rio Santo Fly rods

Built from premium-quality SCII graphite with smooth moderate-fast actions, the new St. Croix Rio Santos are easy to cast, yet so versatile that you'll never outgrow them. Quality components like aluminum-oxide stripper guides, stainless-steel snake guides, uplocking aluminum reels seats and a premium-grade cork handle perform as well as they look. Two-coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish protect the guide wraps – and a quality cloth sack protects the rod during travel or storage. And, every St. Croix Rio Santo is also protected by a 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service. Retail prices range from $100 to $130.


Only $100 to $130 for a really quality fly rod

The Rio Santo rods are also available in ready-to-fish outfits featuring a St. Croix die-cast aluminum fly reel with an adjustable disc drag pre-installed with a weight-forward floating fly line, 20-pound test backing, and tapered nylon leader. Outfits are equipped with a deluxe rod & reel case with a carrying handle and a divided polypropylene liner for the ultimate in protection and convenience. Retail prices for kits range from $200 to $210. Both the fly rod alone or the combo will be made available in September.


St. Croix's Jeff Schluter shows Team TT the new rods

Conclusion: St. Croix amazes anglers again this year with a brand new series and new rods added to existing families. Sure to be a big hit are the Avid Pearl rods made for lady anglers. They are pieces of art and offer high quality components throughout. Every female angler deserves to fish with a high-end fishing rod as many rods out there that target female anglers are extremely low end. Aside from the sexy female rods St. Croix has many new sticks such as the new premium Legend Elite series of salmon and steelhead rods, Mojo Surf, and the value Rio Santo fly rods. Still what probably made the biggest impression were those very detailed Avid Pearl rods, for female anglers looking for a quality rod that screams performance rather than just another pink finish.









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