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Event Article: 2009 ICAST Show - Orlando, FL

Black Dog Baits Extends Their Cracker Series and Introduces Mr. Flippy

Date: 07/15/09
Location: Orlando Florida
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Black Dog Bait Co.
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: One very notable difference at this year's ICAST is the lack of big bait manufacturers lining the aisles. Imagine our surprise then, when we met up with Grant Olguin of Black Dog Baits who was on hand to show us the production version of a bait he previewed with us back in May, the 4" billed Shellcracker, officially dubbed, "The Small Cracker".


Introducing the Black Dog Baits SmallCracker


With it's relatively small, four inch length, the Small Cracker really appears to be nothing more than an oversized crankbait. Made from injection molded plastic, this bait will be available in five different colors for a price point of $19.99. Black Dog Baits rates the bait at about a three to four foot diving range and if retrieved slow, the bait can be waked along the surface as well.

The SmallCracker will be available in 5 different colors including this crappie pattern.


But what really excited us in the Black Dog booth was a totally new bait, Mr. Flippy, basically a plastic craw flipping bait featuring two clubs as claws that are designed to pound back and forth in the water as you hop the bait along the bottom. Mr. Flippy will be available in 5 different colors at a price point of $5.99 for a pack of 5.

Black Dog Baits takes aim at the flipping and pitching crowd with this craw imitator.


The big news about this bait are the patent pending claws shaped like clubs that are designed to pound back and forth as the bait descends in the water column.


Other refinements and adjustments in the Black Dog lineup include a redesign of the Weedslinger giving it a heavier head and better diving peformance on freespool and a complete color lineup for the injection molded Punker Jr.

Grant Olguin of Black Dog Baits shows off the new SmallCracker.


Conclusion: Black Dog Baits hopes to have the new Small Cracker and Mr. Flippy in store shelves within the next month so keep an eye out for these products at your favorite Black Dog Baits retailers. Meantime, it's off to the next booth for us to see what else is new here at ICAST 2009!










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