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Proprunner Jr.: For those anglers that liked the design of the Proprunner but are looking for a smaller bait the company now introduces the Jr. version. The lure is being released with a number of patterns including chartreuse shad, blue gill, black and yellow, and frog. The Proprunner Jr. is now available with the prop and without, and the ones without the prop will have a rotating feathered hook on the tail.


The Proprunner Jr. side by side with the larger original


The only change in the profile of the bait versus the larger bait is the absence of the gill plates and the inclusion of stabilizer wings near the tail which help the bait walk easier. The finishes on the new baits look fantastic and we absolutely love the brightly colored frog which matches well with the dressed hook it is finished with. The Proprunner Jr. retails for $15.99 per lure. 


The Proprunner Jr. finishes are outstanding


Basstar Crankbaits: The company also introduces their new ultra-deep diving crnakbaits which are front weighted with lead on the lip to get way down. The Dredger crankbait has balanced weights in the belly and the lip so that it dives straight down without any spirals or turning. It also has the weight transfer in the belly to improve casting distance.


The "Dredger" makes use of lead on the lip to get way down


The surface of the bait has dimples much like a golf ball which give the lure a different reflection look under the water. The lure is also available as a floater which is called the DR20F and can dive down to a total depth of 15-20 feet.


The lure features the rotating hook design both on the belly and rear hook


These inventive lures feature the company's built in 360 degree rotating hook system in both the belly and rear hook. The hooks are ultra sharp VMC trebles and each lure will retail for $12.99.


Basstar's new SpinTech hooks look outstanding, and was the most talked about treble hook at the show


Conclusion: The team at Basstar have expanded beyond their original lures with the very innovative new SpinTech hooks. The secret sauce behind the company's 360 hook design can now be employed on any lure with the addition of these rotating hooks. Available in a wide range of sizes these hooks are a great upgrade from traditional hooks for big baits where fish can use the leverage of the larger lures to shake free. The team told us that while the design is done the final mass production hooks will be more refined than the already exciting prototypes displayed at ICAST, but in the SpinTech's current state they already look ready for primetime.











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