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Event Article: 2008 ICAST Coverage

Accurate's new Smaller 2 Speed Extreme Reels and Xnergy Rods

Date: 7/22/08
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Manufacturer: Accurate
Reviewer: Team TackleTour





Introduction: Survey the top saltwater guides and many will tell you that when it comes to hardcore saltwater tackle nobody does it better than Accurate. This ICAST Accurate introduced their new Boss Extreme 2 Speed reels and Xnergy progressive taper rods.  


Ben Secrest, Accurate's VP of Marketing and Ben Jr. show us the new B2 Extreme reels


Ben Secrest, Accurate's VP of Marketing, showed us the latest Accurate offering which is the new heavy duty yet surprisingly small and light 2 Speed Boss Extreme reels. The new B2-30 and B2-50 are designed specifically for anglers looking for a lot of reel in a small footprint.


The B2-30 is a tiny yet powerful two speed reel that is great for superlines


At shows and through existing customer feedback that anglers were becoming more and more interested in landing big fish with smaller reels. It is this trend that created the idea for the B2-30 and B2-50. Accurate spent countless hours in the shop and on the water in the design phase of the Boss Extreme 2 Speed reels.


Accurate offers power knob handles in multiple anodized colors


Accurate started with all the standard features that make the brand so renowned, including patented Accurate TwinDrag, Stainless Steel hears, AccuCast casting system, Class 5 ABEC bearings, and a body made out of 6061 T-6 aircraft aluminum for added strength and weight reduction.


The B2 Extreme reels have a super sized spool shaft and stainless steel gearing


At the core of the reel is a major upgrade over previous Accurate reels of similar sizes. This is the hardened 1-4 spool shaft for increased strength and pulling power. This oversized 17-4 stainless steel gear system gives the angler the ability to take an extra crank at even the most critical stage in the battle.


Accurate reels are clean and elegant in design


With 30 pounds of drag and standard harness lugs these reels are ready to do battle right out of the box. The B2 Extremes also have an oversized reel clamp with beefier studs for a solid connection to the rod. For anglers that do not use harness lugs Accurate has designed replacement harness lug blanks for a cleaner more sleek look.


The B2 Extreme reels feature Accucast Casting


The new B2 Extreme reels are available now and the B2-30 will retail for $629 dollars and the B2-50 will cost 20 dollars more. There are a number of accessories available including anodized 2 bearing power knobs and platinum power handles designed for increased comfort and a sure grip for battling the big ones.


The new B2 reels feature Accurate TwinDrag, Stainless Steel Gears, Class 5 ABEC bearings, and 6061 T-6 aircraft machined aluminum frame


Accurate also proved at ICAST that the company isn't just about reels either as they rolled out their new line of "Xnergy" saltwater rods. The Accurate Xnergy rods are constructed out of six-ply graphite glass material that gives the angler both sensitivity and strength while offering a reduced diameter rod that is extremely light. There are three classes of rods that include Boss Series of conventional rods in 66 and 7 lengths, Boss jig rods in both conventional and spinning, and a line of SR Spinning rods is designed with the SR12, SR-20, and SR30 in mind.


Accurate makes rods too?


All the Accurate Xnergy rods feature what Accurate calls "Floating Fulcrum Design" a progressive taper with a fast to slower action that is optimized suited for use with braided lines but will also work well with monofilament lines. The harder you pull on these rods, the less stress that is put on the angler, which equates to more pressure on the fish.


Ben shows us the impressive floating fulcrum design in the new Xnergy rods


While most anglers know Accurate for their big game reels the company is now proving that you don't need big reel to catch big fish. The new B2-30 and B2-50 make use of premium materials and a massive hardened 17-4 stainless steel gear system for more fish fighting power, all in a remarkably small frame. With the introduction of the company's own line of Xnergy rods anglers can now put together a complete Accurate branded package for tackling fish at the top of the food chain.









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