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Abu Garcia: Abu Garcia’s Revo series is much more impressive in person. The low profile design is both attractive and very comfortable to palm. Each turn of the handle is smooth and solid. The spools spin freely and in the two highest models utilizes a Linear magnetic breaking system that allows you to completely turn off the magnets. How is this done? Abu Garcia has implemented a shield that will block the magnets when turned to the lowest setting. Another feature we must highlight are the wormshaft and line guide on the Revo STX, the highest of the three reels. These two components have a Titanium Nitride coating which will provide better durability in the long run. 


John Weiss, Pure Fishing's Vice President of Product Innovation shows the TackleTour team the new Revo series low profile baitcast reels


In our spy preview we also noted the new Cardinal 800 series. This is Abu Garcia’s highest Cardinal line and after John Weiss, Vice President of Product Innovation, explained to us in detail and showed us demonstrations we knew why. The entire reel is designed with a superior flex-free that remains rigid even under heavy loads. To even take performance under load even steps further Abu Garcia used the Everslik coating on the main shaft.. This reduces friction under stress and will result in an easier turning of the handle and rotor system under extreme pressure.


The Revo STX is the highest model in the Revo series. This model has all the latest innovative features

The sideplate of the STX showing the magnetic shield

Titanium Nitride coating is used on the wormshaft and line guide

Adjustments to the magnetic drag system are done externally

The new Abu Garcia Cardinal 800

This reel has many features to puts it at the top of the Cardinal series

A solid frame is used that provides minimal flex

This is a cut spool to show the drag stack of the Cardinal 800

John Weiss explaining to Zander and Cal the benefits of Everslik coating


Mitchell: Mitchell, a brand that has a long storied history, has a redesign for their most popular model. This series of spinning reel sold from 1949 to 2000 as the Mitchell Classic. Then in 2001 the reel was redesigned and introduced as the Mitchell 300X family and is sold as that today. The latest evolution has brought this reel now to the contemporary 300Xe. 


Here's the latest Mitchell 300Xe followed by the 300X and the Classic


This affordable reel keeps the simple and user friendly design that they have been known for many years. Along with the 300Xe comes the Mitchell 300XGe which is a version that contains the Carbon Matrix drag system instead of the standard drag material that you see on the Xe model. These reels are something else, not only do these reels carry on what its past siblings had but sport many more innovative features that will continue to strengthen the Mitchell 300 brand.


The Mitchell 300Xe is easy to use, reliable, and affordable


The 300Xe sports a ergonomic flat grip which stays true to the Classic


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