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Automata Devices: Automata devices? Sounds more like a robotics company than a tackle manufacturer....but this company does have a "automated" fishing device that is simple yet ingenious. At ICAST they introduced the new "Fishing Disc." The fishing disk is a flat weight that is designed for shore anglers.


The unpretentious, yet ingenious fishing disc


How does it work? There is a tiny disc support that can be mounted in the middle of your rod. It is so small that it will not affect your fishing at all. Once it is attached you simply cast out your bait and tighten your fishing line. Then rotate the fishing disc onto the support junction and connect the line connector to your main line....and wait.  


The disc mounted on the rod is ready for a bite


Once a fish strikes any slight movement will drop the disc. The falling disc has enough weight that it will pull the line and set the hook for you!


A heavier saltwater version

We tested it at the show with tiny tugs on a test bait, and sure enough the disc would fall and yank the bait back....more than enough to set into a fish.

Gary Lou, inventor of the Fishing Disc


This simple device is a great tool for anglers that enjoy playing the waiting game and can actually sit back and relax as they fish. This patent pending design is just starting to ship, and was one of the most innovative new gadgets we encountered at the show.


Your TT staff signing off from event coverage and back onto reviews


Conclusion: So where do we go from here? With all the new tackle solutions our work is cut out for us...and we dive right back into tackle reviews. ICAST was full of exciting solutions, some slick, some innovative, some downright beautiful, others more valuable than a house...but all were exciting. Trends included tier 1 reel manufacturers building premium rod and lure solutions to compliment their own branded reels, and the swimbait craze was at a fever pitch as countless lure manufacturers introduced their own take on these mammoth baits. So...here's to an exciting 2007 season, and your TT staff signing off from event coverage. Yes, its time for us to get back out there to do some field testing, and a whole lot of catch up fishing.


Thanks again to all the tackle manufacturers for presenting their latest and greatest solutions, and to our dedicated readers for fueling the demand for this coverage. Now lets see just how good some of this tackle really is....












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