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Event Article: 2006 ICAST Innovations Coverage

ICAST Coverage (Innovations) - Everything from clever new storage to transforming watercrafts (continued)

American Maple Inc. - Ahi USA/Promar: Ahi USA/Promar was one of the largest net manufacturers at ICAST this year, and as we walked up to the booth we were greeted by American Mapleís Ben Hong who showed us much more than just nets.



Promar's newest net features a built in scale


First a new series of nets called ProMesh Series Hook Resistant Nets. Whereas rubber-meshed nets are snagless but heavy, the ProMesh nets are snagless and light in weight, yet have the durability of standard nylon mesh material. The net features a heavy-duty anodized aluminum telescoping handle and comes in three different sizes for anglers targeting different species.


Snagless and lightweight


The two larger models also have a breakaway aluminum frame for easier transportation and storage, and have a built-in scale to measure your catch. The ProMesh series hook resistant nets are now available and will retail for $29.99 to $49.99.


Promar's new Eclipse crab net

Weekend crabbers will like what we have here, a new ring type of crab net but with an added feature to keep the crabs in longer once they enter the zone. The Promar Eclipse Hoop Net is designed with three concentric rings with the opening ring being 20 inches in diameter. If you look at the new net itís a reversed hoop net with four solid rods that hold up the sides.


It is easy to remove the ropes for storage


The crabs walk up the side and drop into the net where the bait is held via Promarís patented Bait Pouch. Once in the crabs will have a difficult time escaping thanks to the design. With the new Eclipse Hoop Net anglers can soak the nets longer and also prevent crabs from dropping when pulling them up.


Once pulled the crabs have a much lower chance of escape


Need an emergency light that will always works regardless of battery level? Promar has one for you. With the Promar LED hand cranked spotlight you donít have to worry about dead batteries or bad lightbulbs. The Spotlight is powered by you. Just crank the handle and youíll have instant power. Crank the handle for 1 minute will result in about 15 minutes of usage. The cranking handle can be hidden and out of the way when used.


The new LED emergency light features magnets to hold onto vehicles with ease


Traditional lightbulbs go bad too quickly but you wonít have to worry about it with the Promar Spotlight. It is designed with 9 bright L.E.D.s for efficient and long usage.


Don't worry about batteries, simply crank the lever for power


The light also features an SOS mode

The Spotlight isnít just any flashlight but has three light settings Ė 1 white LED for those times where you donít need too much light, 5 bright-white LED for maximum output light, and 4 red strobe LEDs for emergency that sends out an SOS signal.

We found the emergency light to be well built and ergonomic

Thereís more to this hand cranked spotlight. The base of the unit has a magnetic side surface so anglers can attach it to anything thatís metal such as your rails, bimini top frame, rod holders, trailer, truck, etc. The flashlight head can also tilt 180 degrees so you can shoot the light beam where itís needed the most. The Promar 9 LED hand cranked spotlight includes a cigarette adapter for automatic charging if you would like to pre-charge the Spotlight. This feature packed emergency light can be had around the September time frame and will retail for only $24.99.

Submersible strobes are good for fishing and emergencies

Speaking of LEDs, Promar is releasing the Submersible LED Strobe Light. Itís a LED thatís enclosed in a shell, and when placed in water itís activated and will continue blinking until you pull it out of the water. This little LED Strobe Light can be used at night time to attract baitfish, big game, and squid.

They come in one of three colors, green, red, or white


There are also safety applications for these lights as well, and tying one to a life jacket is a great idea. A self contained Lithium battery provides over 300 hours of use and can be submerged up to 3500 feet. The LED Strobe Lights will retail for $9.99 each and available in three colors: green, red, and white.


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