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Lure Review

Fish like never before with the multiple action Gee-min-ee lure

Date: 8/18/03
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Cast-Away/Gee-min-ee
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.08

Introduction: Sometimes change is good, and new and exciting lure designs not only entice fish but also give anglers a opportunity to learn new techniques. We take a closer look at the Gee-min-ee, a lure that has a unique blend of a spoon plus a spinner and can be effectively used for multiple species.


Cast-Away Gee-min-ee Specifications

Body Material Nickel, gold, or copper plated brass
Blade shape Colorado (brass)
Colors/Patterns 26 available
Weight 1/4 and 1/5oz
MSRP $2.89

About Cast-Away: Located in the Southern Chicago suburbs, Cast-Away was founded in 1992 by George Roper who then later acquired the unique Gee-min-ee lure. The Gee-min-ee has actually been around for many years now, but not maybe people have heard or even seen this unique lure because it was taken off the shelves quickly after initial launch and has now been reintroduced after Cast-Away gained rights to fabricate this lure.


Uniquely designed, the Gee-min-ee is a combination of a spoon-like body and a spinner that produces unique action


Impressions: From the first look of the Gee-min-ee, its appearance is like nothing you can find on the store shelves today. The unique lure is a combination of a spoon and an inline spinner that's put together to form a hybrid lure. The Gee-min-ee comes in two different sizes with multiple patterns that can be used to target multiple species of aggressive fish at any depth.


Complete Rig for Gee-min-ee Tests

Rod Quantum Tour Edition PT
Reel TICA Libra
Line 6 lb. Sufix DNA

Real World Tests: While the 1/5oz Gee-min-ee lure is designed for light to ultra-light tackle with 4-8 lbs test line, and the 1/4oz designed for heavier line between 8-12 lbs, the lure is made to be fished with at any depth, and can actually be used for trout, bass, pike, walleye, sunfish, and even salmon.


Casting: The Gee-min-ee casts as well as most other spoons. Very little air resistance was noticed even though there's a spinner attached to the main lure. But the lure is most effective when rigged with the right rod, reel, and fishing line. While it's best to cast the Gee-min-ee with a spinning outfit, using baitcasting tackle is possible, but make sure you use light line and the larger lure size, otherwise casting accurately will be very difficult.


The bent portion of the body allows the entire lure to smoothly glide over structure preventing snags


Retrieve: During the retrieve the Gee-min-ee's actions caught the attention of fish near and far. By having the combination of a spinner and spoon, different movements provide flash, vibrations, and the resemblance of a wounded fish fluttering in the water. While the spoon portion wobbles side to side like a Kastmaster would, the spinner turns, mimicking a wounded fish tail kicking back and forth trying to quickly escape from predators.


While George Roper recommends retrieving the lure at the first 15 feet of water for it to be most effective, we tried going even deeper and found the lure still able to produce fish. A slow to medium retrieve is the best for the Gee-min-ee as it can be worked near the bottom due to its unique design that actually protects the hook from snagging. The spoon body is usually positioned about 45 degrees from the bottom while the spinner and hook remain parallel preventing it from snagging structure or cover. The Gee-min-ee body also has a lip on the bottom to allow the entire lure to glide over structure rather than going straight into potentially nasty structure.


Because this lure wobbles and spins, the lure is not recommended for trolling, but it's possible if you can maintain at very slow speeds.


In addition to largemouth bass, the Gee-min-ee can be used to catch many more species of fish at different depths


Durability: The overall durability of the Gee-min-ee is good. The solid one piece body is rugged and won't distort out of shape with normal use. The body won't flake or peel even after deliberate contact with structure. Painted blades did take on some damage but the lure still performed well in spite of a few scratches. During testing of the small 1/4 sized lure on a stocked rainbow trout lake I was suddenly hit by the strangest swimming trout ever. While most trout I caught earlier on the Gee-min-ee would strike the lure and go into a spasm to escape, this one simply pulled away hard and deep, continuing to tug against me with each turn. Finally as the fish tired and I pulled him to shore I was surprised to see a healthy juvenile largemouth bass had taken the lure. Through it all the lure not only proved it's durability but also it's appeal to multiple species.


The Design: As explained above the Gee-min-ee is composed of multiple components. The solid metal body is composed of either nickel, gold, or copper plated brass and is hand punched by machine, then bent into shape that now produces one of its actions.  Because the "tail" portion of the main body is done by hand, not two Gee-min-ee lures are identical at the bend. While this results in minor differences in swim action, the result is the same...you will catch fish.


The double hook design allows the blade to spin every time


The design of the spinner calls for a double hook to minimize any obstruction it might cause using any other type of hook. During our on the water tests we found that it was easy to set the fish because the hooks always point away from the blade.  Finally, the spinner is connected to the body forming what is now called the Gee-min-ee lure.

Gee-min-ee Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Good construction consider it's completely hand made.  The solid spoon is rugged while the painted blades can scratch 8
Performance A combined action of a spoon and spinner that wobbles and spins producing attractive motions.  The lure also casts like a spoon flying through the air quickly 8.5
Price Priced just right and not overpriced for a unique handmade lure that many fish hasn't seen before 8
Features Aside from the different colors/patterns available, you can say the Gee-min-ee is a feature in itself with the two lure portions 8
Design (Ergonomics) A lure that's designed uniquely to produce incredible actions 8
Application A lure that can be used at different depths and target many species of fish 8

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Multiple attractive actions L Painted blades will scratch
J Unique lure design  
J Snag guard  

Conclusion: With the large amount lures available to angler today, its harder to isolate which ones work and which ones don't. But having a good assortment can also be a lot of fun especially when we can apply diverse fishing techniques. While many lures already have a set method to catch fish, there are new lures that help put a new twist on fishing.  Because of the Gee-min-ee's design the lure can be applied to multiple species of fish and worked in a variety different ways. The lure produces action like no other. As the spoon wobbles the spinner twists at the rear setting off vibrations and at the same time the entire lure generates a generous flash. Even though the Gee-min-ee has been around for many years, it's still quite new to anglers, and fish.









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