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Rod Review

Graphite rods for serious stand up saltwater, courtesy of G.Loomis Pro Blue (continued)

Power Cont'd: So the PB is a powerful rod, where is all this power coming from? The answer rests not just in the graphite alone, but also the rod’s design. A longer more robust butt section helps make this rod a monster of a stick, this was evident no matter how big of an iron we put on the line. But when there is a sizeable fish on the line we immediately noticed the smooth soft arc of the rod, not the normal angled down tip we see in many rods. There will be no line slap with this rod as it features a bounty of guides…10 in all! (including the tip)


The extra long butt is great for leverage and was nice to brace against when lobbing heavy lures

The guides are purposefully spread closely together to more equally distribute the weight on the line should a bruiser snatch up your bait. The blank is very responsive and after fishing this rod I can imagine that the spinning versions have the perfect attributes for plugging for stripers or getting fish to chase Shimano Butterfly jigs.

A deck full of fish and the Pro-Blue was ready for more

Applications: Though G.Loomis has designed the Pro-Blue for a specific application, rods like our test PBR844C can do so much more. This rod can easily take on Albacore Tuna, Big Reds, and even be used to fish for Salmon. While the name of the rod specifies salt, freshwater anglers can also use this rod for certain applications as well. This includes fishing double jointed plugs for Muskies or tossing mammoth swimbaits for largemouth. This rod has plenty of muscle to chuck out those baits, but also the sensitivity to allow you to fish certain freshwater applications effectively.

Under the sun the rod's graphite weave is clearly visible under the clear gloss coat

Price: G.Loomis spent months talking to guides, serious anglers, and shop owners around the country when they designed this new series and when it comes to price this is one Loomis rod that I think is positioned spot on. The PBR844C will set you back $240.00, which is the same as a normal Loomis bass rod. You’re getting a lot of rod for the money with the Pro-Blue series, and the ability to fish them for such a wide range of species makes them a practical choice for many anglers that enjoy fishing saltwater on a regular basis.

Finally Zander gets into some Lings which start testing the rods true lifting capabilities

G.Loomis Pro-Blue PBR844C Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The Pro-Blue is built with the very best components. The rod doesn't have a hook hanger, which makes sense for such a robust rod, but still a feature we would like to see since the rod has such a wide range of capabilities. Overall build quality is excellent 9
Performance This rod performed very well in all our tests and we really didn't tap into the full range of the rods power curve. This rod has excellent sensitivity and muscle and is certainly capable of accurate casts and hauling monsters up from the deep 9
Price While not cheap this is a reasonable price for a rod of this caliber. The rod is priced like a bass rod and bang for the buck is excellent with this well rounded package 8.5
Features The rod doesn't sport any real features other than the actual performance characteristics. Like most Loomis rods the emphasis is on performance and a clean reliable design 8
Design (Ergonomics) Overall ergonomics are excellent on this rod. It is lightweight and easy to manage weighing in at only 7.7oz. This is considerably lighter than a similarly sized glass rod 9
Application This rod may be designed for serious stand up salt applications but it also can be used for tossing giant freshwater swimbaits and plugs 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Graphite sensitivity L No hookhanger...yes we know its nitpicking..this rod is pretty solid
J Glass like power  
J Lightweight versus glass  
J Multiple applications  
J Reasonable price  

Conclusion: It’s going to be a rare day that anglers will get into a fish that really tests the full capabilities of the PBR844C, but it is good to know that when that day comes the rod will be more than up to the challenge. These rods make saltwater fishing even more entertaining, and allow anglers to get creative with the way they fish artificial baits. The series offers more accuracy, sensitivity, and lighter weight than fiberglass and hybrid rods, but most impressive of all, they do not ask you to make all the sacrifices when it comes to concerns about lack of power and durability. The bottom line…when everyone else is either simply winching up fish on a dead feeling glass rod, or find themselves pinned to the rail with an outclassed inshore stick, the Pro-Blue rods will have you savoring the fight as you reel in the biggest of fish without even breaking a sweat.

Looking for a Loomis rod? Check out the G.Loomis Superstore at
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