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Event Article:

Fred Hall Long Beach Show: Part 1 - Freshwater Coverage (continued)

IronClads: The strangest sight at the Fred Hall show was a 10lb dumbbell being held up by a plastic worm. The display was made possible with a new lure from a new brand called IronClads, by the Lake Resources Group. On the outside the baits look like just another Senko imitation but it is what is on the inside that makes this bait so unique.


Zander tries to snap the IronClad bait

In the core of each bait is what is called Lock-On technology, a special strip that will start to fail at 90-100lbs of hook pressure. As a comparison most hooks generally fail at around 50lbs of pressure.

Notice the hooks are about to break under this 10lb load, but the worm segment is just fine

The lures have a slow sink rate and are still just as pliable as most plastics. There are a number of advantages to these new baits which include a lot less bait loss, with this bait feel free to set as hard as you want. These baits are considered green products because they halt the release of soft lure waste into the water.

IronClad baits are the most durable plastics we have ever seen

IronClads will start becoming available in the coming weeks and will be available in worms, tubes, shrimp, and shad plastics. They are packaged just like normal plastics and will retail for 5.49 to 6.99 per pack. In terms of reusable plastics these new baits are going to be hard to beat.

Parasite innovates terminal tackle

Parasite: It is hard to innovate when it comes to terminal tackle but a company called Parasite manages to do exactly that with their simple yet effective Super Saver system. The Parasite design either comes as a clip to be used with plastics or already attached to a weight. The wire clip is designed to help keep plastics from slipping down hooks, increasing the life of the plastics, as well as their presentations. Because the plastic is held in the right place the design prevents plastics from covering the hook points on hook sets.

Rigging a Super Saver

These baits are designed to cover the 10-20 foot depth ranges with their hand-crafted blend of tradition and technology. Because the lure’s still make use of cedar they feature an attractive slow rise action and strong vibration and sound when deflecting off structure. The Poe’s Competition Cedar baits will retail for $7.99 each, and are also available now.

The clip holds and protects

This design is also integrated into bullet weights

An example of a rigged plastic

Brian Day shows us the new solution from Parasite

Conclusion: The Fred Hall Long beach was bustling with life as each and every aisle was packed with anglers. Most manufacturers focused on educating anglers about their latest offerings, as there were plenty of retailers with show deals. We witnessed the rebirth of some brands, as well as the some of the older brands reinventing themselves with the introduction of new features and technologies mixed into their proven designs. The Fred Hall didn’t disappoint us, and was a great way to spend the day in sunny Southern California. Stay tuned for our next installment of our Fred Hall coverage…. Saltwater.

Check out more pictures from the show in the TT Gallery

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