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Strike Pro: Strike Pro had one of the best looking displays at the show and their booth showcased their wide variety of bait offerings. The company has been in business since 1973, and long time TackleTour readers will remember we used to cover many of their original offerings when the company was building their brand here in the US. Since then the company has come a long way and in the process has not only revolutionized their brand but their lure offering. At the booth we saw some of the coolest multi jointed hardbaits on the market.


the Flex Phantom looks menacing

The Flex Phantom is a unique hard swimbait that makes use of a patented double figure 8 “bike chain” joint system. The lure delivers a unique swimming pattern that ranges from a tight side to side tail whip to a complete “S” pattern depending on lure size.

The Flex is available in a wide range of colors/patterns and three sizes

To draw more attention to the lure there is an internal reflector and ball bearing rattle. The lure comes armed with an Owner wide gap hook positioned right above the multi-sectioned tail. The lures come in three sizes and 12 patterns and retails for15.99 to 20.99 depending on size.

The lure features a bicycle chain design joint system for durability

Next up is the craziest (and perhaps coolest) looking eel shaped bait we have ever seen. The Bonehead is what the G.Loomis skeleton logo would look like if it came to life. Featuring a highly detailed head the rest of the bait is basically the spine of the fish. This multi jointed bait looks fragile but features the same “bike chain” joint system found on the Flex Phantom. We were challenged to break the lure and as hard as we tugged or torqued the lure it remained in one piece.

The Flex Phantom in retail packaging

The lure is designed to mimic sand and grass eels and has been proven effective on East Coast Striped Bass and Midwest Lake Trout. All Boneheads are slow sinking lures and are available in three sizes and ten different patterns. Boneheads are available now and retail for 13.99 to 15.99 depending on size.

The Bonehead is what the G.loomis fish would look like if it came to life

We tried to break the Bonehead with no success

Strike Pro's President Christopher Gonzales Jr. showed us the exciting new Strike pro offering

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