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Mega Strike: Next we met up with Bobby Uhrig who showed us the latest version of his Evolution jig design. The new Shake2 (the “e” stands for evolution) Jig is very different than traditional jigs and incorporates the award winning technology from their original Evolution Jig into the design. There is a fulcrum on the bottom of the bait which acts as a balancing point which hydrodynamically balances the head every time.


Bobby shows Zander and Cal the new design

With or without a lure rigged Bobby was able to demonstrate the difference between the Mega Strike design and traditional jigheads by tossing them into a fish tank from over three feet away. 9 out of 10 times traditional jigheads would simply roll over sideways, while each and every time the Shake2 Jig landing perfectly upright.

The Shake2 jig can be rigged with the hook exposed or weedless

The Shake2 Jig has a two trailer keeper design allowing worms and craws to be rigged with the hook exposed or weedless. With the bait tied on via a recessed line tie it becomes even more impressive. When jerked and dropped the bait holds worms and creature baits perfectly upright every time. The Shake2 Jig heads are powder coated rather than painted so they hold up better to abuse.

Rig it as straight as possible

The jig was really impressive and simply the most innovative jighead design we have seen in years, and breathes new life into the way that anglers can present finesse baits.

The jighead has a unique fulcrum which bobby explained always allows the jighead to land upright...we said "prove it"

One of the coolest things about these lures is that you can really get creative in the way anglers fish them. Bobby hinted that with a swimbait tail the jig can help the lure impart a very unique action, one fish haven’t seen before. The Shake2 Jig will be available in a matter of days and will come in packs of 4 and will retail for only $4.95 per pack.

The jighead in normal shakey position

Jig it up...

...and the bait comes down to rest perfectly every time

The jigheads are bundled in packs of four

Bobby and his crew have a winner with the innovative new design

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