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Mini Watercarft Preview

Remote control FishHunter II boat is able to spy on hard to find fish

Date: 8/04/02
Tackle type: Watercraft (Mini)
Manufacturer: Wonder Winder
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: Preview (Not Yet Rated)

Introduction: Just when you think you have seen it all. Wonder Winder introduces the FishHunter II and wins big at ICAST by taking first prize in the new boating accessory category.

Fishunter II Specifications

Material Fiberglass/Wood
Total Weight Mass Production TBD
Length 36"
Width 18"
Control Wireless (Radio)
Distance 1080+ Feet
Scanning Depth 2000+ Feet

Impressions: Finding fish is always a challenge, and depending on conditions can be a quite a time consuming task. What if you had a tool that could help you find fish while just sitting still? That is exactly the idea that Wonder Winder had in mind when they came up with the design for the FishHunter II, the world's first complete wireless fish finding watercraft system.

About Wonder Winder: The FishHunter II comes from Wonder Winder, which actually specializes in the manufacture of high speed line winders. The FishHunter II is a joint effort between Wonder Winder, Inc. and Invention Submission Corporation. This wireless wonder was displayed at ICAST and took top prize in the watercraft accessory category.


Wonder Winder displays a working FishHunter II at ICAST and takes home top prize in the watercraft accessory category

The system (How it works)
: The FishHunter II system consists of 3 main elements, the mini-boat, a wireless controller, and a fishfinder module. Built with a sleek design and very stable weight distribution the FishHunter II is able to withstand rough water with ease. To protect the electronics the boat circutry is all mounted within the hull and top compartment, which is 100% waterproof and yet includes an easy access system for maintenance. At press time no battery time could yet be announced but we do know the FishHunter II sports a system of rechargeable batteries. Distance is impressive at 1080+ feet, that's more then 3 football fields! Depth finding capabilities are also very good at over 2000 feet down. The FisHunter II is controlled via a wireless radio unit, and scanning information is sent directly back to a fish finding module.

Applications (What it is good for): This is one flexible little boat, and is able to be used for both fresh and saltwater applications. Touted as a wireless "spy" boat the FishHunter II does have many interesting uses. Imagine being able to send a wireless fish finding probe ahead into unknown territory to find fish instead of wasting time piloting your big big boat into uncharted water. In addition, the FishHunter II can go where larger watercraft cannot. For example you can finally look what is next to those large rocks or under that dock, fish have nowhere to hide. Shore anglers can use the FishHunter II to pinpoint areas to cast into, or get perfect bobber placement. Basically the FishHunter II can help anglers avoid the guessing game.

Conclusion: The FishHunter II is a very interesting product, and one you certainly can't discount as just a toy. Though we haven't had an opportunity to test this product yet we are interested to see how well a mass production version of this product functions. A tool such as the FishHunter II could have many interesting uses, and we will have to wait and see if this ICAST winner is also a big hit when it arrives on retail shelves.









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